Ure Pulls It All Together: UFO’s, Pyramids, Gov’t Created Hysteria

Down at the WuJo: Pyramids Come Calling

Yeah, that sounds like fun…visit the pyramids….until, that is, the pyramids begin appearing in the sky over Moscow.

That’s right: “UFO Pyramid reported over Kremlin.”

Got a theory why those recent “holes in the sky” appeared over Moscow and now this:  They may not shoot at them every chance they get like the West seems to do.

While the predictive linguistics has lots of UFO activity due in this period, this is getting to be a bit much.  That there’s a hole in the sky one month – and two months later a pyramid shows up has me wondering if indeed this phenomena isn’t somehow trans-dimensional in nature.  In which case, a temporal displacement between early effects and the pyramid’s appearance might make sense.

I trust you saw the large number of scientists who looked at the Normal spiral light of a few weeks back and concluded (as anyone looking at it with untainted eyes would) This wasn’t a rocket test gone awry

We’re left with three possibilities to ponder:

  • UFO’s are increasing their presence and this could mean contact is near…or…
  • Mass hysteria is alive and well (but why does it photograph so well?)…or…
  • Project Blue Beam is about ready for prime time.


One thing that is creeping up in my Master Spreadsheet of Probability for Weirdness is this:  What if the ‘context change’ on the 19th turns into a massive/undeniable UFO appearance over something like Washington DC and tons of video is taken to where it is total undeniable?

I figure that would have all kinds of economic impacts; I mean who would work if there was a chance that aliens would show up and save the day?  But then that brings us to the discussion of whether they are coming to save us, or if we’re not just some kind of (spiritual?) hors d’houevers…

 Need more?  Catch Russ Dizdar this week (via the archives at www.shatterthedarkness.net) while he discusses why they are using bases on the moon, bombing the moon and other things all in an attempt to keep Christ from returning.  Sounds about right!!  Think that’s too far-fetched?  Well, they are trying to find the “God particle” with CERN.  They are stacking the Census against us while Science Holdren says children can be killed (infanticide if you need a more PC word) up to 2 years of age–remember King Herod?  His spirit is alive and well residing in one of these evil bastards.  Or how about Safe-School Czar Jennings who teaches “fisting” and elicit sexual homosexual gay encounters at Massachusettes high schools and colleges. 

Now, the “Black Awakening,” as Russ calls it, appears to be close to the unveiling.  We have seen holes over Moscow (a month ago), swirls over Copenhagen and now a pyramid over Moscow.  And bombing the moon in between.  Something is up.  Don’t be deceived… they do NOT ‘come in peace.’  They are trying to open the abyss (Steve Quayle and Russ are writing a book right now regarding this).  If they do open it, as foretold in Revelation, the earth will be swept up in a tsunami of evil.  Be still and know…  The eye of the hurricane is calm and quiet, but if you let the fear take you off the mark, you will have a rough and tumble ride.

Be sure to follow the link regarding Project Blue Beam.  You will see the plan and the capability for yourself.  “Do not be deceived,” is a recurring admonition from the Word.


One Response to “Ure Pulls It All Together: UFO’s, Pyramids, Gov’t Created Hysteria”

  1. Wow. “Even the elect will be deceived, if that were possible.” This really makes me understand how THAT could be possible. It also makes me worry that even I could be deceived. I mean, how can even the most devoted Christian, Muslim, or Jew, resist hypnotic beams, mind-control programming & voices in their heads? May the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth have mercy upon us all. <

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