Can’t Even Sell the Gold to Sheeple!

Whether its a matter of trust or a matter of knowledge about gold, it has VERY LITTLE value to the average person.  Money is not gold, its not silver it is simply a means of exchange for goods and services.  But when the rat gets used to doing one trick for his pellet, he will do that trick ad nauseum to keep getting pellets.  Most people aren’t any different.

When two articles this week asked if there was a peaceful solution to the mess we are in the US, we told them about local currencies and just getting off the US Dollar.  When we leave the $$, the bankers lose their power over us, we stay put in our houses and cars until the local Constitutional government can establish new market standards, we keep all tax money at the local level to pay for disabled, retired, etc. 

It is THE ONLY non-violent solution to this mess.  It solves ALL the problems, but the people are too ignorant to understand it all.  God help us!!  There will likely be fighting, but the fighting of ignoramus against an unknown enemy is the first type that will happen dragging all the rest of us into the hell hole of tyrannical blowback. 

The ‘blood on the post’ is what will save you from the evil of ignorance all around you.  For ignorance is appearing to be just as evil as those who are calculatingly evil.

Our response to what non-violent action can we still take:

The Non-Violent Solution to the Banker’s Tyranny

By Stella Oakman

At least twice this week I have seen articles discussing a violent response to the fraud, deceit and crimes perpetrated against the American people, and all people, by the global elites comprised in large part by the international bankers and Wall Street. 
Both of these articles ask if a violent response from the American people can be avoided or if it is inevitable.  As we the people do not own the media, it will be nearly impossible to get folks on the same page in order to implement a peaceful solution, but there is one that would work. 
When you boil down all the crimes, it amounts to greed and its various other related sins: vanity, influence, depravity, manipulation, deception, to name just a few.
Most everyone would say it is all about money, but money, or currency, is really nothing more than an elaborate bartering scheme when you take away usury (the charging of interest for loans).  Usury has been the root of all inequality in our world!  Usury has kept countries in unavoidable debt to the international bankers just as it has kept each credit card holder enslaved to the bankers as well.  With usury, the rich continue to get rich and the poor continue to get poor.  And the rich and power prefer it that way.  When usury is too slow, they can use their vast reserves of wealth to manipulate most everyone poorer than they are to do their bidding. 
So if we can agree that the Federal Reserve was unConstitutional and we need to quit using their money and their system of usury, we can begin to break the back of the beast. 
Without us using their money or needing their money system, they will have to find someone to fly their assault planes, chemtrail planes, drones, etc. without the help of most folks who have realized the truth of the fraud. 
If Americans will just not be afraid to forego a few paychecks we could all manage to stay in our homes and continue a more normal economy free of fraud and corruption.  It would simply require each community, or county, to establish a local currency board.  A local board is essential as, like school board meetings, they should be open to anyone in the community and all actions should be transparent.
The requirements for a Constitutional, just and humane local currency would be this: 

1) Local Currency established by a Local Board with rotating positions and open-to-the public meetings.  NOTE:  A local currency DOES NOT preclude the use of other currencies in a market such as gold, silver or any other exchange folks want to take, but it DOES establish a currency that benefits everyone in the local market.

2) Time-Based Loans would allow EVERYONE to partake in the local economy IMMEDIATELY.  Time-based credit is established by the Local Currency Board extending credit to everyone for their next week’s worth of work at NO INTEREST and lenient/realistic payback terms.  The board can establish hourly rates based on the type of work provided and the county and town planning boards can help place available workers wherever they are needed.

3) NO INTEREST and immediacy of action is needed to head off chaos, fear and unfortunate events that might stem from folks doing without.

4) For this Local Currency to work, the town or county must insist that NO TAXES be paid to the Federal or State governments until a new republic and Constitution can be ratified again.  Taxes WILL be collected at the town or county level (to correspond with the Local Currency Board’s reach) and used to pay disability and retirement, etc. for those who need it. 

5) A Constitutional Sheriff needs to be in place to enforce the law according to the decisions of the board and the general public.  Towns or Counties can replace their existing law enforcement if they will not follow the Constitution. 

6) With a Constitutional Sheriff, everyone should be allowed to STAY in their HOMES and
to keep their cars for a period of time until a new market standard can be arrived at.  When the new standards are in place, people must start paying their mortgages and car payments or move to a cheaper location they can afford.  The bankers have perpetrated unimaginable fraud on us all.  Possession is 9/10th of the law.  STAY PUT!! 
If the people en masse were to take this action, there would be NO REASON to fight against this government.  We could easily work out our own economic situations as we go.  The only issue would be we must be prepared to DEFEND our towns and counties against a rogue government and foreign mercenaries.  But we could do that if we could get everyone on board NOW.
Our OWN Constitutional money FREES us from this fraud, corruption, bondage, enslavement and allows us to restore liberty to EVERYONE TODAY!!! 
It really is that easy.  Here are two links with information to get everyone started:
NOTE:  While Berkshares DOES work with a local bank, the sample by-laws give you a great idea of how to form your board WITHOUT any banks involved. 
When everyone in your community is given the chance to begin using a local currency, most will.  Provided you have taken care of their needs first:  safely staying in their homes and extended credit (NO INTEREST) to put food on their table NOW!!
Immediacy and security are the only two hurdles to getting this in place in your area.  There are folks who will print a money for you.  Just search them out online. 
We CAN NOT be FREE until we are FREE of the US DOLLAR and the international bankers.


3 Responses to “Can’t Even Sell the Gold to Sheeple!”

  1. “requirements for a Constitutional local currency”…well.

    I think you are going to the extreme. Some very good ideas and I can help with info on many of them, but it is not necessary to destroy an old system in order to build a new one. Community currency exists alongside the dollar, linked communities that swapped currency with another area might only work if both were denominated and back by the same commodity or basket of coms. Community or local currency is a great solution to boost a local economy and give jobs to those without, see our magazine,
    On a larger scale, digital gold currency would work for national or global payments, this runs outside any conventional banking system, it’s private money. See our other magazine

    Skype IM ‘digitalcurrency’

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Hey Mark,
      Thanks for commenting. As I stated in the article, any local currency DOES NOT preclude other currencies. However, folks who want liberty must look at the picture BEYOND simply monetary tools. The corruption that the current Federal Reserve, international bankers and Wall Street has perpetrated on the people of the world necessitates, for people with integrity, that the entire system be starved out as you can not end fascism by meeting it halfway. Corruption spreads, like a bacteria, wherever it is allowed to flourish. As a Business Development Consultant, I have turned down millions of dollars in deals that were unethical coming from many of the same types we have that think nothing of stealing billions from everywhere in order to line their own pockets.

      The only way to end it, is to LEAVE it. It will die a natural death. There is NO WAY you can convince me that there is ONE DOLLAR not tainted by unethical practice. I know better. I have worked with the same players, but bowed out when I learned their schemes. Sorry, can’t mix good with bad. But realize there is no reason to either. It will die naturally because folks WILL respond to a more ethical, practical, realistic monetary system.

  2. What you say is very true, I commend you for bringing that point to our attention.

    But… it’s a big system. My friends have been talking solutions since the late 90’s and it could be another decade before anything begins change on a national scale (if not longer) I need solutions today, we need local solutions to fix problems now on a neighbor to neighbor level. I can’t simply can’t wait for ‘citizens to take back gov and change the world’ we need it solutions right now. This week I need to pay for my hosting and set up some new domains, I don’t use credit cards, I don’t have a US bank account, so I need solutions today, and right now DGC works for me.

    So many people talk a good game online and than trot off to charge with their plastic and send Bank of America their paycheck each month. People need to start walking it like they talk it. Dump the bank, snip your plastic and use alternative payment methods. Dump the banks. Real change starts at home and it’s more than just Internet talk.


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