Triangulating the Intel

Update 12/7 – Camp Pendleton is location of the Military Buildup

A few days ago we posted these videos.  What we have here is foreign military equipment moving from Canada to California.  There is PLENTY of equipment here and hard to determine exactly how much from the videos. 

The building of a pier in the water is what caught our attention.  Who would need a pier there?  Our military would not require it, but someone who wanted easy access to the military installation without having to go through further civilian environs would. 

So thinking about what has happened thus far regarding China signing a ‘lien’ against the US for defaulting on our ‘loans,’ has us thinking:  What if this installation is being provided to the Chinese as partial repayment.  Didn’t Hillary give the eminent domain if we default?  That was the rumor right after the inauguration.  There was some strong evidence that suggested this could be true.

So, for sure there has been some serious negotiations going on with our government folks and China’s and the timing of this could make it possible that China will seize this base.  From there, they can lay claim to the territory the Russian economist has predicted with fall under the influence of China, Russia and Mexico when the US breaks up. 

And this can be a good staging area for them to do ‘repossession’ of the land they want and which individuals have defaulted on their bank loans, etc.

One thing we do know first hand is that Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca was in China from late May to early June training their military for ‘martial law.’  That training will certainly come in handy for them in the same state.  There is little doubt that Sheriff Baca is in bed with the NWO and would cooperate with a Chinese paramilitary offensive.

Which brings up the point regarding all those water main breaks in Los Angeles County, the Sheriff Dept’s training for water shortage induced martial law, etc. 

If you haven’t yet come to the conclusion that this government has declared war on the American people, we don’t know when you will.  Wake up and smell the stench of tyranny.


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