Why Sign the Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0?

We have discussed this issue previously, but someone just sent us the easiest presentation that addresses it very well.  The issue?  The original Constitution we all know about and the bastardized version our Congress gave to the District of Columbia in 1871. 

There are several other versions of explaining the hijacking of our Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution.  Some say the evil seed was sown following the War of 1812 when the still new country had to fight the British off again.  The British couldn’t win, but were determined to gain control of the sovereign money of the ‘colonies.’  

Short version is that the Constitution died in 1871 or some other year long ago.  Why are we then still operating under this delusion?  Well, it is all a part of the Grand Deception of these times. 

For this reason, we find it most helpful to get folks to SIGN the Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0.  They must make a clean break in their thinking so that we leave every remnant of this nearly infinite deception behind before rebuilding a Republic.  It can NOT be done by leaving Washington as the Capital or anyone in that area as part of our government.  It can NOT be done with the private bankers controlling our money. 

It MUST be done by the sheer WILL of WE THE PEOPLE!  We are now back to a Declaration of Independence and NOT a Constitutional Convention!!  Wake up, smell the foul air and promise never to be so deceived again!  Promise you will never trust any government without verifying EVERYTHING they do.  That can only happen at the local level.   Start there and let’s build this thing again with the lessons we have learned in mind.


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