LEO in US Placed on HIGH ALERT

Message received by a few friends of Free People:

A message to all members of Survival 101

LAW ENFORCEMENT NATIONWIDE HAS BEEN PLACED ON HIGH ALERT:   I have received information from several credible sources that Law Enforcement Agencies NATIONWIDE have been placed on intensified or high alert status.  These agencies range from sheriff’s departments to Federal agencies.  Something is in the air, and we all need to be prepared.  Keep your powder dry, Patriots!  Time to apply some serious prayer for our nation!

Free People response
Update as of 11/29:  After looking at the size of the default amount ($60 billion), I can tell you with certainty that Abu Dhabi can manage bailing them out.  And they will enjoy the opportunity to do so.  In Aug 2007, Abu Dhabi invested in excess of $620 billion in US Treasury Bonds alone.  Plus they were allowed to invest in other formerly out of bounds companies like the Carlyle Group, etc. 
The UAE ruling family’s seat (capital) is in Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s ruler is a cousin.  Abu Dhabi has all the oil (90-95%) and the Dubai ruler was selling his soul to every Tom, Dick and Henry (or Ahmed, Mohammed and Ferouz [Persian]) that came along flashing some money.  Abu Dhabi will now have the chance to review which projects they want to redeem based on whether the money folks are friends or foe (which was a huge national security risk for them according to his previous practices there).
So, all in all, I think we can safely say there will not be a bank holiday tomorrow.  We may be dodging the bullet on many fronts (Copenhagen, Flu Shots, etc) temporarily.  Though I don’t hold out to be too optimistic.  I am preparing to write an article about the real battleground that is ongoing:  big oil (neocons) vs. big pharma/big green and big red (communism).  There may be a real opportunity for the people to drive these two factions further apart.  But we must NEVER side with either of them and must NOT work with them in the future.
But what was the purpose of putting the LEOs on alert, you ask?  Well, they like to do this from time to time in order to guage the level of cooperation from each branch, arm, leg of the Law Enforcement grid to see who they can most rely on.  And, if they will do this a few more times, they are less likely to give real Oath Keepers a clear line in the sand in which they can all agree to leave at the same time.  False starts keeps everyone off guard and more uncertain.  There will be safety in numbers for our Oath Keepers to act at the same time.  These ‘alerts’ make that ‘time’ harder to pin down.  So they will be forced to go along maybe further than they might normally would in order to guage the real intent and not reveal their own hand too quickly.
If this is indeed the case, our military need to start stepping up NOW and saying, “Hey, these are US streets you want us to patrol and we have the Posse Comitatus Act that says this is unConstitutional.  Give me a ring back when you have a Constitutional mission for me.”  If they stand their ground NOW while the administration is being slowly weakened with 20% of the US population understanding the real threats we are facing, we can “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”  And put an end to this bogus administration, the banker’s tyranny and the bogus sciences they rely on (including their social engineering experiments and applications like Cloward-Piven). 
Most communists will NEVER understand the resilience of a FREE PEOPLE!!!  FEAR is NOT our greatest enemy!  Ignorance IS.  They are ignorant of our basic strengths.  Obama is a nut job because he was NEVER RAISED in FREEDOM!!!!!!  His entire life speaks of his learnings from a family who was too feeble-minded to seize the true freedoms this country has afforded folks.  Instead, they leaned towards the baser nature of trying to control others because they themselves are more comfortable being controlled!
Just look at Obama.  Where would he be if his ‘handlers’ didn’t give him a script.  Please?  These ignorant elites really think WE THE PEOPLE are going to follow their scripts for US???  Forget about it!  We know how to be FREE and will risk EVERYTHING to get the truth out there!!!
Rock on, Oath Keepers, Truthers, Constitutionalists, Militias, Christians and all others who have enough brain cells to see that FREEDOM IS FOOD FOR THE BRAIN!!!  IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE!!! 
Yesterday’s quick assessment:
There is a 90% chance they will seize this Dubai default/collapse to declare a bank holiday that will cause our dollar to die, creating civil unrest.  You know the rest of it… martial law with foreign troops joining our LEO.
As you may have realized by now, we can only be prepared for the ‘day’ (any possible days) they will act (this Monday would be easy timing and so effective as to kill Christmas for many folks–really suits their sensibilities and leanings).  We can’t be sure they won’t delay because enough folks think they might act on a certain day, but this is a perfect opportunity to blame the collapse on an outside source.  This way Obama won’t be directly blamed by us, or more importantly, other citizens of the world (his real audience for winning the leader of the world position). 
Given that we can surmise the possibility is high, it is only prudent to be prepared for it.  So, yes, hit the ATM, but more importantly, the grocery store (or buy other great items to barter with if you have loads of food–like 6 months to 2 years).  Don’t sit on any cash right now, nor in the bank. 
If you receive paychecks, the banks will pay your automatic bills, but you will not be able to get disposable income for sometime (if they seize this opportunity) and they may (read probably will) exchange your $$ for Ameros at a 1/6 of the amount.  Then the inflation will hit and, well, let’s just say things only go down hill from there.  
Spend it before Monday or wait until you hear the first report of something fishy and get to the store.  You want goods before the stores empty.  They want folks to panic.  The Flu has not been successful enough so they need something else to create the unrest.  Once the foreign troops are out, they will be able to go to the WHO’s Level 6 for the Swine Flu–mandatory vaccine or bullet to the head/quarantine in FEMA camp.
Always cheery stuff, I know.  Survivors are prepared.  That’s it.  Be watchful and stay ahead of their curveballs/tricks–the entire point of this website!

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