Comment on Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Joe left a comment with a question regarding the “Bug-Out Bag” article.  It might be an answer everyone will want to review.  Like the maidens who need their lamps filled while they await their husbands, we prepare for any eventuality, but always leave room for God’s hand in warning, leading, sending an emissary or empowering us with greater abilities to match any potential situation.

Joe’s comment:  “What type guns would you recomend with your bug-out-bag? I assume you have no mode of transportation except walking.  Great website.”

I perceive a bug-out bag as mostly for evasive purposes.  If you are bugging-out to go join a ‘unit,’ then they will tell you what you need to bring based on your position/role in the unit.  Since some of us will need to bug-out before they decide to round-up the Primary and Secondary ‘listers,’ there would be little desire to use something of this nature (you may carry one, but try not to use it due to its likely attracting of attention.

Think low-profile.  Think ways of staying off detection by the ‘grid.’  Blend in, but don’t be identifiable.  This can be a challenge if they have your image using their new surveillance/scanning equipment as they can identify you by your walk alone. 

Your circumstances would likely be dictated by your retreat location.  Will you be staying in a remote/rural area?  A rifle (for distance) and early-warning devices would be best.  If you are staying in an area with short notice of arrival due to physical circumstances of the terrain, you might prefer a handgun. 

Never underestimate the truth of “no weapon formed against you will prosper.”  Let the natural evolution of the Holy Spirit at the Feast of the Tabernacle (the great ingathering), we released to its fullest potential in you.  With this in mind, you might even select a slingshot and 5 smooth stones <wink>.

Remember, “Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!”


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