Transhumanism, Borg Collective & Star Trek

Transhumanism and becoming part of the Borg collective on Star Trek, By The Roth Show

There are many radical leftist and scientific groups that want to re-invent seeds,  the earth, genetically alter plants and animals, fire God and transform humans into a new creature of power, influence and perfection.  Who needs God they say,  we can live forever soon or for hundreds of years, be integrated with software and advanced technology while controlling the world.

Transhumanism is a growing, intellectual, philosophical and technological push into human evolution and attempts at perfection, with the end game of control.  Nick Bostrom is one of the appointed messiahs behind this group and he is not a bean head sitting in a small cabin in Montana somewhere.  He is a respected professor at Oxford University in the school of Philosophy.  He has written tons of articles and books on this subject but I will share with you just a few of his ever so enlightened statements:

“The enhancement options being discussed includes radical extension of human health-span, eradication of disease, elimination of unnecessary suffering, and augmentation of human intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities.”  “Transhumanists view human nature as a work-in-progress, half-baked beginning that we can learn to remold in desirable ways.   Current humanity need not be the endpoint of evolution………they hope through the use of technology and science they will survive long enough to become post human…..cryonically suspended then de-animated.”

This week on my radio show I was talking with Dr. Martin Erdmann a theologian, author of Building the Kingdom of God on earth and renowned scientist from Switzerland and Pat Wood, director of  We dove into this weird subject, one I had never even heard of.   They said that Transhumanists are wanting to merge humans more and more with technology, software and computers.  They are working with much financial backing, to create a new,  non-human/creature/machine/software type personoid. 

Only this week Futurist and technology pioneer Ray Kurzweil wrote in an article that soon through the use of nanotechnology and biotechnology human life spans will be extended to near immortality. 

These scientists and professors love hiding behind the usual barriers and socially acceptable playgrounds, environment, technology,  science, medicine and human need.  They all paint themselves as the Mother Teresas and messiahs of change when in truth they are really planning and attempting to recreate humanity.  People are to be morphed into a new creature as they worship themselves and flip off the almighty God!

It is wonderful that science wants to slow down and stop disease, but going to the place of reinventing people, merged with computers and machines is truly looking like we are turning into the Borg collective and the Matrix.  Many in the Transhumanist movement also want to interconnect the human race with computer software.  Just imagine where some of these scientists who teach at major universities will take us if we let them.  Brains tied into a master computer???  Who will control that?  Will we be programmed and manipulated for our own good away from God, freedom and truth?

I certainly don’t want suffering for myself or anyone else,  but,   it is nothing but arrogance, evil and a coming horror show for Transhumanism to try and merge us with machines and software just to avoid being human. 

This frail and very human girl will say in her very imperfect voice… fancy scientists can line up and KISS MY GRITS!  I will trust in the real God who made me and do the best I can with my health.  I have no interest or need to be perfect or a post human hybrid machine.  You know, all these fancy Oxford type geniuses who keep trying to find eternity, want us to freeze our bodies so they can call us back to the living someday.  ARE THEY DUMBER THAN POSTS?

You don’t have to change your body,  be a Ph.D.  futuristic wizard at Oxford to live forever.  God already told us how,  in His Holy Bible…..and you don’t even have to become part of the Borg or connect to a toaster oven.

Free People – This is the answer for Satan and his Fallen Angels (Biblical Giants, Aliens today) who have lost their eternal genetics through the Holy Spirit.  So they believe they can ‘steal’ human aspects, mix it with other species and machines in order to devise their own version of eternal life and human love.  We must keep our DNA as pure as possible in order to inherit the Kingdom. 


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