Taking It Down To The ‘Bones’

Asking a seasoned Military Veteran and a 20-year veteran Trend Researcher all rolled into one, a friend names ‘Bones,’ here is his response to the “Storming Washington” question below:

Well, you pretty much nailed it.  Focus locally – town, city, county and state – and don’t start a fight until the Fed creates the first martyr for our
side. However, that said, when the violence erupts, it may do so almost
spontaneously. We are going to have a “Boston Massacre” moment or a John Brown moment. We will have a Patrick Henry moment, too. Presently, I think that strategically, it is best to ignore D.C. and focus on peacefully replacing local politicos with honorble and honest men and women.

That assessment may be subject to change over the next two or three weeks, but that’s where we are right now.

But storming Washington?  That is the last thing we want to do until much later in the game. For the moment, we need to let the game play out a bit longer before anyone engages in more direct action.

Let me address this question in more general terms. Let’s game a couple of possible scenarios, here:

At some point over the next few months or years, Russia or China is going to nuke D.C., anyway, along with other major population centers. (We’ll be doing the same to them.) That’s not because they’re mean or cruel and want to kill American civilians. It’s just that our population centers are surrounded by military strategic and tactical targets, including, but not limited to, military bases, transportation corridors and manufacturing. (If you live on a flood plain or below a major hydroelectric dam, it would be wise to consider relocating to higher ground.) I don’t think that we’ll be looking at a mutually assurred destruction scenario, but there will be a limited nuclear exchange, with specific targets being ‘addressed’ by all participants over a period of weeks and even months.

Best bet under current domestic circumstances is to follow Stella’s general advice and focus locally. Use every peaceful means to replace local politicos and powerplayers at the town, city, county and state level with honest and honorable men and women. Use every peaceful means you can think of, first. There are several reasons for this approach, not the least of which is to ensure that we are in the right and can later prove that we have done everything possible to avoid violence. Yes, in death ground, fight, but we are a long way from being in death ground at this point. …besides, picking up body parts and washing the blood and guts and brains of other people out of your hair and your gear is just no friggin’ fun at all. Avoid it for just as long as possible. (Have you ever smelled a burning human body?) Plan for the violence. Prepare for the violence. Think of everything and anything that will give you an advantage when the violence begins, and I do mean everything. (If it’s stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.) But…use every peaceful means at your disposal, first.

In the meantime, get to know your local survivalist and stock up on the beans, bullets and band-aids. Join or coordinate with your local civilian militia.

I would also recommend that you coordinate with family, friends and neighbors and set up a ‘phone tree’. So that when the government begins to round people up that you have an effective response to the threat and that no one has to face the threat alone. (i.e. Charlie calls, Beth, John and George, and Beth, John and George each call three other people, and so on. As soon as the call is made, ALL of those on the ‘phone tree’ respond and move to the location, neighborhood or home that is under threat, with all dispatch, ready and trained for anything type of confrontation. At that point, of course, you will all be persona non grata and enemies of the state. Your homes, careers, lives and families will be forfeit.)

At this point, a direct military action against D.C. is a losing proposition. It’s just an easy way to die. If things play out the way I think they will internationally, it’s also a bit of a waste of time if Russia or China is going to nuke it, anyway.

Once the violence begins – and only once the violence begins – political assassinations are on the table as a legitimate form of direct military action. Learn where those politicians and powerplayers live and where they have their bunkers, for they do have bunkers and safe houses. Destruction of transportation corridors and communication infrastructures is also on the table. Destruction of military manufacturing and logistic support is on the table. Lots of things are on the table…once the violence and chaos begins.

We must let the government start the fight…and then make sure we finsih it.  –Bones

Free People – This is a brilliant summation of the entire intent of our site here over the last several months.  We don’t spend much time on politics and don’t worry about the psyops coming out of the government media, we care about you being ready for ANYTHING–being a survivalist–and about knowing what it TRULY TAKES to restore a Republic.  It takes rugged individualism that has been tested by adversity, challenge and action.  It takes folks who know THEYcan seize their liberty at anytime they choose to follow God’s word rather than listen to a bunch of evil-doers tell us how things are going to be.

Take back your LIBERTY!!  Prepare for your own, your family’s and your neighbors (and larger community’s) survival.  From there, rebuilding a Republic will flow naturally.  That’s how our Founding Fathers really did do it.  England didn’t build their communities–THEY did!  We have been letting thugs ‘build community’ around us.  And now we are under seige, for a time.  It is now time to let them feel God’s judgment and for us to seize the chaos they will be experiencing with the true expression of a child of Christ:  1) love God; 2) love thy Neighbor as thyself.  ‘No weapon formed against us shall prosper.”

A MUST READ from Bones:  The_Next_American_Revolution.

When asked for any further specific target info, Bones replied:

There really will be no safe place, once the chaos really gets rolling. The
best we can do is to play to our personal strengths and prepare and plan for as many eventualities as we can. People who are off the grid and out in the boonies will have the immediate advantage, survival-wise, but they’ll be subject to raids by roving gangs and desperate refugees, too.

The electric grid is a strategic target. Water and food supplies are
strategic targets. Certain locations of highway and interstate ‘loops’ and
cloverleafs are strategic targets. Drop a few overpasses and bridges at
specific locations around the nation, and you’ll tie up transportation and
shipping for weeks and months. Certain ports on both coasts are targets. A
place like New Orleans, Charleston or Seattle are among the last places a
person wants to live…

So, it isn’t just hydro-electric dams. It’s all of the above and more. Hell,
an EMP pulse from a nuke could be set off ten miles above mid-America and would shut down the electric grid for most of the US …and it’ll take years to rebuild it. That would also shut down communication, television, radio, the internet, transportation and shipping, as well as water, sewer and gas.

What our own government will eventually try to do to us is relatively mild in comparison.


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