Media Propagandize Oath Keepers

Ready to Revolt:  Oath Keepers Pledges to Prevent Dictatorship in the United States; Group asks police and military to lay down arms in response to orders deemed unlawful, Oct 18, 2009, Las Vegas Review Journal

Free People – They have lined up the false events perfectly to try to destroy the meaning of April 19th for patriots with their WACO disaster, OK City Bombing.  And how about that guy who ran into the museum and shot a guard?  Within minutes, the media was ready to whip off a litany of associations to paint this guy with:  White Constitutionalist, 9/11 Truther and Oath Keeper (aka for ‘racist idiot/white supremist, conspiracy theorist and terrorist).  All wrapped up in one nice, neat little package to use down the road to ‘discredit’ a group of government resistors.  What they don’t tell you, is that this guy was in government custody for years and likely, was either brainwashed or forced to commit the crime for some other reason.


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