George Ure’s Take on Oct 25th – WebBot Date

Oct 25th is just one week away and the Web Bot Project at have projected,  through their predictive linguistic software, that it could be a Day of Rage by the patriots against the vaccination, possible market fall/collapse, etc. 



One Week Out: Marking Time

The predictive linguistics (no, not predictive linguini) out of are expecting the major global ‘mood shift’ in about a week’s time.  Should be events unfolding about the end of October 25 – which would make it early in the morning of the 26th which would mean as markets in Asia open.

Bank reserves seem to be exploding to the upside…which should be good for banks and dollars if I understand things right…which I must not since the market mania upward in markets and down on dollars continues.  Perfect setup for my insane contrarian option trade, however.

A couple of things that bear watching:  one is Iran which is warning the US and UK of what the aftermath of an Israeli strike on their nuke facilities would bring.  And yeah, October 25 is when the IAEA is supposed to show up for a look-see at Iran’s reported nuclear facilities.


Naturlich eine fragge:  (Naturally, one question):  How many more do they have they’re not revealing yet?  If talks going on this week fail, they plan to continue enriching themselves, so to speak.

Say, you don’t think that attack on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was a…oh…you know…false flag deal?  Thought seems to have occurred to the Iranians...  Golly, think the West would be capable of doing such a thing?


Remember this video we posted last week?  It starts with a short clip from Cliff High of the Web Bot Project.


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