The Year of Jubilee Starts NOW!! Declare It So!!

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization, By Richard C. Cook, The Market Oracle, Oct 12, 2009

It’s too late for anyone to pretend that the U.S. government, whether under President Barack Obama or anyone else, can divert our nation from long-term economic decline. The U.S. is increasingly in a state of political, economic, and moral paralysis, caught as it were between the “rock” of protracted recession and the “hard place” of terminal government debt.


Free People – While we would love to sit and reminisce about the good ole days with you and cry over the gloom and doom of the death of the dollar, we Free People really must look at the opportunity that exists with the end of THIS money.  Come on, all God-fearing people know that you can NOT hope to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (the 1000 year reign) with the people in bondage to such evil-doers as the Federal Reserve, the IMF/World Bank, UN, Global Oligarchs (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Soros, etc. 

The Bible shows us a pattern for the ending of an age of financial corruption.  It was called the Year of Jubilee!   We Free People, who claim our liberty from our inalienable rights (God-given), should be rejoicing at the freedom to dissolve this corrupt, tyrannical and evil system that has falsely created wars, created poverty, and has been a weapon in the destruction of all that is moral and good about mankind. 

As with the Year of Jubilee, which the Jewish people observed every 50th year, we can all continue to return to our natural inheritance through Christ Jesus and stay put in our homes and in our cars.  The corruption of the last several hundred years is being brought to an end to the Glory of GOD!!!  Let no one tell you this is an EVIL or terrible thing!  This is God’s justice and we should be waiting for the miracle of it all to unfold for us over the next few years.

Remember,our liberty from God is assured if we will do but two things:

  1. Love God
  2. Love they neighbor as thyself

Without a doubt, these next few years are God’s way of leading His people back to liberty, back to morality and back to a government built on the principles of our inalienable rights.  Fear not the wrecking ball the Elites believe “they” are wielding.  For it can not help but be by the grace of God that we will be set free from the evil around us. 

Stand for truth.  Stand for justice and seek God’s face and His glory as this amazing cleansing takes place.  Trust Him to provide for you.  Trust Him to watch over you.  You shall do many signs and wonders.


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