The Better To Scare You My Dear Dr.

Missing Laptop Contains Data on 800,000 Doctors

The Chicago Tribune reports that some 800,000 doctors are being warned about a laptop holding their personal data that has turned up missing from the Chicago-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Nearly every practicing physician in the country is being cautioned as a result of the theft of the laptop from an employee’s car. At risk are the doctors’  business and personal information including Social Security numbers, addresses and certain identification numbers.

Stealing laptops is asimple way data thieves can tap into porous corporate networks. The granddaddy of all data breaches attributed to a lost laptop involved the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The agency lost records for 26.5 million active duty troops and veterans stored on a laptop and external drive, which disappeared during a burglary of the home of a VA data analyst in 2006.

Laptop theft appears to be on the rise, says Jim Alves, executive vice president at Kaseya,  which supplies programs that help corporations keep track of their tech gear. Kaseya  has helped several customers in recent months recover stolen laptops, he says.

“Laptops and other portable devices are frequently lost or stolen, resulting in rampant data loss,” says Alves. “Users of personal devices do not often think about losing the item or having it stolen.”

By Byron Acohido, Photo:  Ramin Talaie, Bloomberg

Free People – Now they can ‘scare’ all the doctors into compliance with threats of all kinds: against family, against business assets, personal assets, etc.  The war is on for consciousness.  The ONLY way to win is NO FEAR through Christ Jesus.  Take refuge in the shadow of the Almighty, Dear Drs.  We can win against this madness if we all can stand our ground against evil.


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