A Free People Birthright

Hat Tip to Sandy for this quote:

If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them.— Candidus in the Boston Gazette, 1772

Please share this Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0 with everyone you know who IS free, WANTS to be free and NEEDS to be freed. It is time to acknowledge our birthright.

In response to a suggestion to IMPEACH Obama:

As Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote months ago, you can’t impeach an usurper.  We can pray for a coup, or we can storm Washington, but they have already had attempts to do the former fail.  And in all likelihood, the powers that be may well take out DC themselves in order to destroy forever the center of American power–as they did NY.

If our inalienable rights are God-given, there is no need to seek any stamp of approval from Washington or our liberties and just actions.  I say, “Sign the Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0.”  It is not an act of revolution.  It is not a hostile motion.  It is simply a statement of fact that our freedom is in our own hand.  All liberty first starts wtih us.  Then we can form at the county level and on up.  Until our local governments are functioning in a “libertarian” way, we will likely not have a higher government in place that is in accordance with our inalienable rights.

Sticking with their money system is another trap.  Local currencies with time-based credit and NO INTEREST for loans are Constitutional and in accordance with everyone’s inalienable rights.  We can start that today in our own communities.  A local currency is nothing more than a more elaborate bartering system.  Some details HERE

With freedom in our hearts, and Constitutional money in our pockets, we are free.  Then we justly defend our own personal and community security.  See Free People Action Statement #7

“There is NOTHING FURTHER we can get from Washington.  Our liberty has always been in our own hands.  Washington has no authority except that which we give it, or surrender to.” –Stella


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