ALERT! Mobilizing; Make Ready

Please send this far and wide.  You never know who might need to see this.

Heard from a source today that the MI NG is getting ready to be deployed in the State in the very near future.  All emergency #s have been provided to the chain of command for deployment with just a 6-14 hour notice.  Details include that they are being prepared for a possible disaster in MI and they are to be looking out for the MI Militia.  One member told his family to have their guns ready.  The impression given was that they are expecting to be going against those who are not in favor of this government’s actions (that could be they are to ‘blame’ for the disaster or they are being targeted).  No mention of mandatory vaccinations, but that is a possibility as well.

This info and timeline fits very closely with other reports from CA NG and one other Southern state from a few months ago.

If you scroll down here (maybe even 2nd page), you will find some recent alerts that lead up to something getting ready to happen.  FDIC is out of money until 2012 (had to pay banker bonuses, right?) so the change in currency could easily precipitate something.  But this event for MI NG seemed very locally focused.  Hard to say.


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