A 1000 Potential Hardins, Pt 2

So many events have evolved to just a perfect state of ‘chaos’ that it is hard to even untangle the various tentacles to make sense of how we got here.
kudzuPrisons in the United States have led to a ‘kudzu’ effect on our civil liberties.  Those not familiar with ‘kudzu’ in the south, also known as “the vine that ate the South” and “mile-a-minute vine,” it is an excellent example of how fascism and the overreaching of private business, when it starts rubbing shoulders with political power and influence, quickly smothers liberty to death.   
To illustrate the point, let’s examine a graph prepared by a friend, Clive Boustred, at LibertyForLife.com.  Free People may know Clive better as the designer of Copper Cards, Free People Action Statement #4. 

Most of us are not even aware of what a prison state our own country has become.  We still operate under the illusion that we are ‘free’ all we are all being lulled into this state of compliance with the help of prozac and chemtrails to nullify any anger. 
Starting in the 1980’s, free market advocates pushed for the ‘outsourcing’ of various government roles as a way to improve efficiency and reduce costs.  Makes sense, right?  Always does in initial stage when ignoring history and reacting to the moment.  Once the transfer takes place, initially costs do go down and the decision seemed to be the right one. 
But as private entities start to rub shoulders with the political folks, soon free market finds using influence as a superior way to obtaining contracts than market competiton. 

Before long, the need for prisons expands and the price charged to the government goes up.  And the corruption begins.  
As Phil Smith describes it in “Private Prisons: Profits of Crime:”
“This contemporary push to privatize corrections takes place against a socioeconomic background of severe and seemingly intractable crisis. Under the impetus of Reaganite social Darwinism, with its “toughness” on criminal offenders, pris on populations soared through the 1980s and into the 1990s, making the U.S. the unquestioned world leader in jailing its own populace. By 1990, 421 Americans out of every 100,000 were behind bars, easily outdistancing our closest competitors, South Africa and the then USSR. By 1992, the U.S. rate had climbed to 455. In human terms, the number of people in jails and prisons on any given day tops 1.2 million, up from fewer than 400,000 at the start of the Reagan era.”
This describes the trends of the 80’s and 90’s, but what about the 00’s?  Well, you might recall a rather horrific event that occurred on 9/11/01 that told us there were criminals everywhere willing to kill thousands of us.  Following that convenient event, we quickly saw many willing to surrender freedoms for the security of government protection. 
And the government promised to do what it could.  One area that had an upswing, though very short-lived, was the crackdown on illegal immigration.  In the spring of 2003, the immigration services were planning to fill our prisons with plenty of these illegals.  Counties were told that the demand would be high and the price to keep a federal prisoner would be quite a bit higher than what the counties could pay to private prisons. 
In a Wall Street Journer article titled, “Larger Inmate Population is Boon for Private Prisons,” Stephanie Chen states:
“Prison companies are preparing for a wave of new business as the economic downturn makes it increasingly difficult for federal and state government officials to build and operate their own jails.
“The Federal Bureau of Prisons and several state governments have sent thousands of inmates in recent months to prisons and detention centers run by Corrections Corp. of America, Geo Group Inc. and other private operators, as a crackdown on illegal immigration, a lengthening of mandatory sentences for certain crimes and other factors have overcrowded many government facilities.
“Prison-policy experts expect inmate populations in 10 states to have increased by 25% or more between 2006 and 2011, according to a report by the nonprofit Pew Charitable Trusts.”
So, the counties started to get into the business of prison building so they could collect on the federal dollars and apply the profits in their own county.  Prisons, such as the one on the Indian reservation near Hardin, MT sprouted up in no time. 
But by the time many of these prisons were built, we started seeing another phenomenon occur: Sanctuary Cities.  The Feds started backing off on arresting the illegals.  Business, which wanted the prisons, also wanted the cheap labor and these immigration crackdown plans would impact their profit margins. 

Ask yourself if this was just a rouse designed to get us building more prisons.  It is clear the government never really intended to crackdown on illegal immigration, at least once corporations whined about losing their cheap labor.  And with the Obama Healthcare bill recently passed, the next issue is likely to be the amnesty for all the illegal immigrants anyway.  
So many of the new prisons stayed empty even with the high percentage of our population already behind bars.  But most of those prisons belonged to the county and state governments across the country. 
Another trend running concurrent to that of prison-building, was the effect of the private prison companies practically soliciting directly through the local judges, police and sheriffs’ departments for more occupants.  Soon first offenders were given prison sentences and City Councils were, no doubt, supporting policing that kept these prisons full. 
A Press Release on USCourts.gov website, dated June 26, 2007, tells the story of Judge Cassell testifying before a Congressional subcommittee on the issue of mandatory penalties for first-time offenders:
“Citing cases in which first-time offenders received decades-long sentences under laws imposing mandatory penalties, a federal judge today told a Congressional subcommittee that such sentences are inequitable and unduly harsh.
“‘I have found the application of one particularly egregious mandatory minimum sentencing provision to result in sentences that are cruel and unusual, unwise and unjust,'” Judge Paul G. Cassell, from the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, told the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. He testified as chair of the Judicial Conference Committee on Criminal Law at a hearing on mandatory minimum sentencing laws.”
Still, the idea of placing a first-time offender in prison from five years is only justifiable if you are making money from their time in prison. 
All of these factors, and many more, begin to paint the picture of what has gone on with our prison system for over 25 years.  Yet, the piece that still needs to be placed in order to complete the puzzle, is one that creates a “1000 Hardins” right here in the USA.

“Follow the money” is always the way to unravel the truth in politics and this issue is no exception.  When the market collapsed, treasury bonds, real estate mortgages and municipal bonds all collapsed together into the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  These TARP assets were sold for pennies on the dollar to foreign banks, foreigners, foreign countries, etc.  When our dollar collapses, will we see “internationals” coming in to seize possession of these properties?  It is likely that in some small towns foreign banks own the tax base via property and municipal holdings. 

It is clear our banks have no trouble paying for their own security forces.  Will these prisons be turned into debtor prisons to the international banks using international mercenaries/private security to carry out the repossession?  Its possible.  It is also possible that they will be there as police for our civil unrest when the dollar collapses and/or we have bank holidays.  Or to carry out mandatory vaccinations and these prisons will become easy quarantine locations. 

One thing is for sure, this ‘administration’ that carries on the charade of US government, is not going to tell us their real intention.  We must discern that by reading the tea leaves and seeking God’s guidance.  But all the pieces fit together for any number of eventualities. 

Yesterday, I was honored to attend the funeral of a fallen soldier in Afghanistan who had attended my small hometown school.  It was a very impressive array of uniformed types in attendance as well.  On the surface it was to show their respects, right?  But the disconcerting part of the entire event was the procession with every level of police and federal agencies taking part.  Understandably, every Sheriff’s car was there but one, then there was DHS, Border Patrol, ICE, City Police of neighboring towns, Tribal Police (as the soldier was Native American as well), and the local college campus Police.  Working security for the event were the local college campus security guards.  

Federal and private security/police far outnumbered our local Sheriff’s Department.  Yet all acted as though they were united by their uniforms.  This is the danger.  DHS is continuing to play a very visible role in all community activities, such as the summer township parades as the color guard. 

From what I know of DHS, its founding and purpose, not to mention its MIAC report (list of potential terrorists), it is the last department in the government that we want to see mingling in our towns–right up there with the military or foreign mercenaries. 

Thankfully, this is a small town and with any luck most of those uniformed folks grew up here and will not carry out heinous unConstitutional orders against the local populous.  But the vast number of uniformed types, mingling like equals allows them all to band together in greater numbers if they ARE asking to carry out orders that are unConstitutional.  How will they handle ‘international’ security types coming into the local area?  Probably much easier than we would like. 

The lines are blurring, especially for this young generation, just enough to make it difficult for those in uniform to know what is right and what is wrong, or Constitutional or unConstitutional.  Do the private police/security folks take an Oath to defend the Constitution?  Do you know? 

Have you started talking to your county planning board about that empty prison in your county?  Are you watching for any unusual visitors in your county?  Keep your eyes peeled.  These are unusual times.  If you need more convincing, please read the articles below.

Please pray for the family of the fallen soldier SGT Christopher Todd Griffin.

Part 1 HERE

Excellent Articles to Read:   “Ravenwood” Comes to America, By Chuck Baldwin 


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