2-Week Warning Pre-empted?

The 2-Week Warning was meant to give you advance notice to either shelter in place or move to whatever place in the country you have pre-selected to bug out to. Obviously a nuclear detonation in any US city, complete financial collapse, Mid East war, Korean nuclear launch or mega-quake on the New Madrid or in the Pacific Northwest or mega-tsunami on either coasts should be heads up enough for you to hunker in your bunker or refuge location. While it is my prayerful and decade long desire to give two weeks’ notice, it may become impossible should the U.S. sustain an electro-magnetic pulse attack that takes down all communications. The fact that the red screen alert is being explained is meant to help to clarify the lateness of the hour. Suggest all reading this RED SCREEN explanation needing a crash course in Emergency Preparedness read and print out everything you can on http://www.survivalblog.com and acquire the Ultimate Prep Book Dare To Prepare by Holly Deyo. May the mercy, forgiveness, protection and provision of the Living God be poured out upon you – and through you – in miraculous ways in the coming months! β€”Steve Quayle


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