Status Report

Status Report – The Well Regulated American Militias, Freedom is NOT Free, Oct 12, 2009  (Great Resource for Free People to network)


Prophetic Revelation of Russia invasion -we’ll see but, the questions is,are there geo-polictical mechanisms in currently place which are capable of initiating this outcome?


Free People – They do not link the prophecy to the map.  However, this is a reasonable map for many eventualities we may be facing.  The invasion routes on the southern border reflect the NAFTA Superhighway activity we have been watching and reporting on.  Scroll down to see a compilation of AZ reports from yesterday (maybe 2nd page). 

The “7” block represents the CO Command and Control as presented in the Operation Blackjack cartoon and the fact that we know this is the planned command center for the Union of North America (under UN auspices so will easily be crawling with Russian and/or other foreign troops. 

Obviously the map reflects an earthquake in America’s heartland.  We know Russia has earthquake-creating weapons as does the US.  According to a chart from a few months back reflecting the worst locations for an earthquake, the Midwest is one.  But if you are looking at a Russian/UN threat, you would want to divide the country in half for sure. 

The western landings would likely be Chinese.  They can easily land at the port of Long Beach as they have leased that port for almost 20 years.  One of the arrows goes through Philadelphia area and outward.  This is the location of Fort Indiantown Gap where there is a two-lane highway leading to an extensive underground base there. 

Remember the locations we discovered as key during the FEMA NLE?  1) Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA; 2) Alpena, MI (not shown here, but part of earthquake damage); 3) Wilmington, NC on East Coast; 4) Kalispell, MT (not reflected on this map but close to Hardin; 5) San Luis Obispo, CA and 6) was unidentified but suspected to be along southern border, may NM. 

Don’t know how they arrived at Safe Zones as there has been a lot of intel telling us that they have foreign troops all along the border with Canada and we know they have fortified the Border Patrol stations there as well. 


Meet your FEMA Region Commanders.  Definitely not there to help.


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