Next Generation Zionists?

Not unlike our own government for the last 80+ years, Israel has always been controlled by the Ashkenazi Jews who do not have a Jewish bloodline but become Jewish in 740’s to avoid invasion.  It is interesting that this is not the dividing line of this generation, but rather it is just about basic human dignity and rights. 

There is great hope around the world that folks are beginning to fight back against tryanny and oppression by their governments against other people.  A government study conducted during the Kennedy era, called the Iron Mountain Report, studied the hypothetical problems of a peaceful nation!  And this study  showed that Americans (and likely all people) would accept a global community that had open borders for business and travel as a natural extension of their own trust in humanity.  At that point, the Powers That Be had to map their agenda (social engineering relying on wars, media and co-opting religion) to keep this from happening so they would not lose control of their nations.  It is time for global citizens to stand up–those who still understand freedom–and fight for what is right for all people.  People do NOT attack each other; governments do!

We advocate NO INTEREST, Time-Based Credit for ALL PEOPLE so that poverty can be erased and freedoms can be maximized.  The people (the real government) do NOT need criminal bureaucrats getting in the way of our natural rights that provides us with natural morality and conscience.


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