Water Woes, Wars & Robbery

Water Wars: Colossal Land Grab by the UN and the Feds
Cassandra Anderson, Infowars.com, September 30, 2009

The Federal government, influenced by the United Nations, is stealing American land and resources as Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is implemented in all states.  Sustainable Development seems appealing and desirable on the surface, but it is actually a plot to erase humans entirely from 50% of American land, with a ban on extraction of resources, like water!

Dr. Michael Coffman, the creator of the Agenda 21 map, covertly obtained secret United Nations documents he used to compile the map which illustrates the resource acquisition goals of the Globalists at the UN. While Sustainable Development appears to be benign, its accompanying Global Biodiversity Assessment report states that only one billion people can be sustained in an industrial society!


An example of this is playing out right now in California, regarding the man made drought. This situation affects every American, as California’s Central Valley supplies our country with 50% of its vegetable, fruits and nuts (http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/, see the California Agricultural Statistical Review report). The federal Endangered Species Act, regarding the ‘threatened’ smelt minnow, is being used to severly restrict the water pump that delivers water from the Delta to the Central Valley farmlands, thus creating the drought condition. Both the federal Department of Interior and the federal Department of Commerce are claiming jurisdiction in order to control water resources.

California’s water usage is divided as follows:

  • 48 % Environmental (federally regulated)
  • 41 % Agricultural
  • 11 % Urban

Interestingly, the subagencies of these two federal agencies that supplied the biological opinions are influenced by the United Nations. The UN was created in 1945, and the following year, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was created by the UN to act as a scientific advisor. The US Fish and Wildlife Service, a subagency of the Department of Interior, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Fisheries Service, subagencies of the Department of Commerce, are memebers of the IUCN, and supplied the biological opinions. There are many lawsuits disputing the validity of these opinions.

The UN’s scientific advisor, the IUCN also counts the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as a member. The NRDC is the lead Plaintiff in compelling the water cut off. It is important to note that the NRDC has a budget of $87 million dollars, and is funded by the “philanthropic” Ford Foundation. You can check out their website to see the bills they are promoting for ’sustainablility’, like the Clean Water Restoration Act (S787), which could put all water under federal contol, the Law of Sea Treaty that would give the UN incredible power over American marine waterways and the Global Warming Cap and Trade bill.

Further, this is an example of the “global to local” battle combining governmental and non governmental agencies to accomplish the objectives of Agenda 21, per Sustainable Development and legal expert Michael Shaw. The IUCN has many NGO’s as members including the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Federation and the National Audubon Society. Most people do want to support natural flora and fauna, but it is false environmentalism when the underlying intention is mass depopulation.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is an abomination,
according to Michael Shaw, as it opens the door for federal authority over State sovereignty. The US Constitution grants the federal government no authority over wildlife! Under the Constitution, States have jurisdiction over essentially all land. Beginning in 1900, federal officials operating under the ‘commerce clause’ enforced federal law to gain authority over certain poaching activities. The adoption of the initial Endangered Species Act was in the 1940’s and the current Endangered Species Act of 1973 is based on a United Nations model! The Department of Interior is now in charge of listing species that they deem endangered or threatened- imagine the power in that. The dubious biological opinions have caused massive resource loss and economic upheaval. For instance, just this year alone, the water restrictions on the Delta have spilled over 600,000 acre feet of usable water into the Pacific Ocean!

Another example of federal intervention, according to Mike Henry at http://www.farmwater.org, is the Central Valley Project Improvement Act of 1992, which reduces water delivery or export by 1.2 million acre feet of water each year! Even when California has wet years, the amount of water allowed for delivery is still reduced by 1.2 million acres of water, despite the existence of more water; the amount delivered is based on contracts, not the water level, and the excess water flows into the Pacific.

There is even more federal intervention with the CW Jones pump that was built by the federal government. The pump will be paid off by 2030, yet the federal Bureau of Reclamation under the Department of Interior will still own and maintain it. It’s time to assert the 10th Amendment.

Michael Shaw encourages people to educate themselves, their communities and their state and local governments. You can find out more at his great website that also contains free downloadable information at http://www.freedomadvocates.org.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Coffman, president of Sovereignty International at http://www.sovereignty.net and Mike Henry of www.farmwater.org.

Free People – More info on Sustainable Development Agenda 21 HERE.  Search on the site for Water Main Breaks, CA Dust Bowl for supporting details.  Here is another article of interest:

Water Wars Threaten California Delta, Dan O’Sullivan, Bassmaster.com, August 11, 2009


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  1. « ‘Clubbing’ in Rochester UPDATEAnother Fascist Giant–ATT »Declining Hydration as Assisted Suicide for CA by the Eugenists
    Schwarzenegger’s heavy-handed threat is justified
    The governor vows to kill hundreds of bills unless lawmakers deliver a measure on water. The issue justifies the tough stance.
    George Skelton, LATimes.com, October 8, 2009

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to kill hundreds of bills unless the Legislature delivers one bill on water. Is that heavy-handed? No question.

    Is it bullying? Sure.

    Hostage-taking? Political terrorism? Of course.

    Misuse of power? Definitely not.

    It is a proper use of power.

    It’s ugly. But it’s an available political tool that the governor would be derelict not to use when an issue as critical as water is at stake.

    This isn’t about some narrow scheme important only to a narrow interest. Nor is it merely about a governor’s pet project — other than his legacy-building, which should be encouraged as long as it helps the state. It’s about finally resolving an acute, decades-old problem that is worsening and affects practically all Californians.

    The state water system is clogged and rusting. It’s a matter of time before the California aqueduct, which funnels Sierra snow runoff from the Sacramento Valley into the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California, is shut off. The principal water tank, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, is threatened with potential levee collapses, earthquakes, floods and global warming. And the ecology already is crumbling.

    The estuary’s fishery is fast disappearing. The endangered delta smelt is a red herring — a pet target of San Joaquin farmers and the governor who resent federal judges holding back water to save the tiny critter. The real economic tragedy is the decline of the once-abundant king salmon. Their plight has caused a two-year cancellation of commercial fishing for the popular fish, idling boats and shuttering processing plants all along the North Coast.

    Nobody argues that the waterworks don’t need major repairs and remodeling. But there is a delicate balance that Capitol negotiators have yet to find. It’s the balance between investing in a reliable, environmentally friendly water supply and trying to achieve what really must be the state’s No. 1 priority: living within its means.

    Senate Republicans have proposed a $12.4-billion bond issue that would be paid off by all taxpayers. It would include $4 billion for two or three dams. Additionally, users of the newly developed water would kick in at least that much dam-building money.

    The rest of the bond funds would be available for local projects, the delta, conservation, groundwater protection and removing some small, salmon-blocking dams on the Klamath River.

    The bond would not include money for a so-called peripheral canal around the delta. This controversial facility would be financed entirely by water users, including customers of the Metropolitan Water District.

    That’s too steep a bond for many legislators, who worry about repayments carving a deep hole in the deficit-plagued general fund. Sen. Dave Cogdill of Modesto, the Senate Republicans’ go-to guy on water, replies that the bonds could be parceled out over several years. The important thing is to line up the funding authorization for construction projects, he says.

    But Assembly Republican Leader Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo disagrees. He would prefer a bond closer to $8 billion.

    “We’re in the biggest recession of our generation,” he says. “We need to spend only what is necessary to solve the problem as quickly as possible . . . without some of the Christmas ornaments and largesse — a scaled-down package that isn’t the ultimate solution for every water problem anyone can imagine, funding every possible stakeholder who has a dog in this hunt.”

    Democratic leaders basically agree. But they would cut back on dam funding before they would eliminate some of the things Blakeslee would, such as groundwater monitoring and treatment plants. “Much of this bill is a wish list of the far left,” the GOP leader asserts. “Frankly, I don’t think this is the time for a wish list.”

    But it also may be the necessary makings of a compromise, trade-offs necessary for environmentalist groups to buy the farm lobby’s desired dams.

    There’s also a battle over who pays — all taxpayers, or mostly the water users. And who pays for the delta environmental restoration? The public exclusively? Or also the water users who drained the estuary?

    These and other arguments — such as details of a new governing system for the delta — have raged for years. Schwarzenegger apparently doesn’t much care what the Legislature decides. He just wants it to compromise and send him a bill.

    The governor demands a deal by Friday night. Or he’ll grab the veto pen, he strongly hints and his advisors tell reporters. Sunday night is the deadline for signing or vetoing more than 700 bills.

    Is that threat risky? Somewhat. He’s swinging a sledgehammer and could wind up dropping it on his foot.

    Assembly Democrats “are very angry” at the governor, says Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles). “I’m trying to hold off their anger. I’m worried about a backlash.”

    Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) calls the governor’s extortion “silly.”

    Even Republican Blakeslee mildly criticizes Schwarzenegger. The bills on his desk should be judged “on their own merit,” he says. “Using other criteria is not constructive.”

    But Blakeslee and Bass doubt Schwarzenegger will carry out the threat. The leaders believe that if the governor and legislators are within striking distance of an agreement — and they already seem to be — he’ll put away the sledgehammer.

    “This is a classic contest of wills between the executive and legislative branches,” Blakeslee says. “I don’t get too overwrought with some of the positioning and posturing.”

    But the governor isn’t backing down. “It makes sense to use the executive leverage,” says Matt David, his chief spokesman. “He’s going to use everything at his disposal.”

    That’s what it’s for.

    For years, many people — myself included — have carped at Schwarzenegger for not using all the powers of his office. We shouldn’t complain now that he’s using the most potent power.

    SCMLA – Yes, it’s propaganda.
    But make no mistake:
    California’s water is THE battleground of the century, just as the NAFTA Superhighway (also known by many other names) is THE battleground for Texas.

    If California loses control over our water, we will lose everything.
    If Texas loses control over their highways, they will lose everything.

    It’s just that important & now look at the “heavy-handed” tactics that the Governor is using. His handlers must want this really badly &, if they want it, you can rest assured that it’s bad.

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    The counterintuitive idea that one may drill into solid rock to get clean artesian juvenile water is true; and nonetheless must be done as outlined and proven by Michael A. Salzman in his 1960 book “New Water for a Thirsty World”.

    The Treatise is a must read for anyone attempting to solve the vexing problem the Jesuits have crreated with their business associates in the Knights of Malta now driven by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the treasonous BHO usurper working with the highest levels of the treasonous progressives like McCain in the Republican Party.

    It is up to those courageous enough to drill into solid rock in order to hit a fracture at say 900 feet where the juvenile water is.

    I have a Federal case on the related matter in DCD 10-cv-00066 (RJL)

    The time is hort but not over yet. Farmers must act to drill wellls NOW!!!

    Time to act.

    Chris Strunk 845-901-6767

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