AZ Under A Tightening Seige?

I know right now of a group in AZ that are going to say the following is nothing unusual, but we have seen again a growing pattern here of reports throughout AZ to give us pause.  It would seem all these isolated pieces strewn over the last two months may be adding up to something.

This video is from Sep 21st.  They noticed these gunship helos overhead shortly after the FEMA NLE exercises the last week of July.  Apparently they are continuing at least through Sep.  Unfortunately they did not get these submitted here or as part of Operation Overwatch so we could compile all the information for everyone to see and share.

Here is a current story from a friend of a friend in AZ (trusted source):

“You live in AZ right?  Well we are first in line for the flag attack on our state.  I have a friend in state government who says that there is at least 100,000 troops training in 5 locations in our state of Arizona. I have asked several times for them to come on the air with me and I could tape our conversations but they refuse because of their young family/children they are in fear, but they tell me that nothern az all the way to tucson there are people who are using the desert to train and now that the weather has changed they are moving south so keep an eye out for anything unusual.”  

You may recall the weekend of Sep 12th, the ALERT we posted here was from AZ.  We were never able to follow-up with the originator.  They sounded like they were ‘bugging out.’  But in light of the above, it is possible some folks were targeted early.  Just as we saw a soldier kidnapped at the G-20 Summit ‘protests.’  Be sure to keep track of those you email regularly as many are experiencing threatening situations.  That is the start of something we want to head off.  Here is that alert again:

READ THINK AND GET READY FOLKS AS ITS COMING ARROWHEAD HOSPITAL, PUT ON THE APP, “DO YOU OWN A GUN???”  Send this to all your friends every where…I just got this from a captain of the highway patrol that if your pc goes off and your cell dont work it time to make a move ok get your stuff ready as they have shut down 11 ning sites already god bless here it comes if u live here in az and dont have a place to go email me at with your phone
number and how many people in your family.  ok thxs

This message was sent to a Patriot in DC and the ning sites were blocked to them so it was sent via a few friends to us.  We prefer to post more rather than less.  Your security is in your own hands, but if you have our reports to help you see a clearer picture, then we are glad to share anything worth considering here.  Please send us your alerts so others can have the benefit of them too.  We will post immediately upon receipt.

A New Fixture in the Middle of Nowhere?

MojaveMinuteman has been on the lookout for anything that is evidence of a Police State.  In mid Sep we also posted a short video showing National Guardsmen on a street in Kingman, AZ performing some sort of traffic function.  While some of our Kingman resident have said this is not unusual or worth raising the alarm, we want to let you decide if you live there. 

We are likely seeing only 10%, at most, of what is really going on.  So with that in mind, you must plan for the other 90% and take actions based on that.  Your job is to be aware of your physical security strengths and weaknesses.  After years of comfortable living, it can take folks some adjustment to make this their new practice.  But don’t delay.

So, where is Kingman and Golden Valley?  Kingman is about 40 miles east of the California border and Golden Valley about 30 miles on HWY 40.  They are right along where there is a proposed ‘leg’ of the NAFTA Superhighway for both the Pacific Corridor and the Central Western Corridor.  So we know activity has been stepping up along that area for the purpose of building the highway which will be foreign-owned. 

NAFTA highwaySeveral months ago there were reports about these areas being considered “Constitution-Free Zones” and the reason seemed to be the land was purchased by the foreign entities and some special status being granted to the land associated with the highways.

Remember that Vaccine Checkpoint Training Alert from Sep 28th?  It was not too far from this same location along the CA/AZ border:

A reader e mailed us a photo (see top of page) and the testimony of his friend who was traveling from California to Arizona after visiting friends. The man was driving through mountains east of San Diego when he came across a roadblock.

“As I neared the border they had a checkpoint set up but not the usual stateline checkpoint,” he writes.  “As I approached I noticed armed military personnel had most of the cars pulled over and there were a lot of people going in and out of a mobile trailer. The people looked confused and some upset. Seeing what was going on made me really nervous,” the man adds.

He was then approached by a women in military fatigues who asked him where he was driving and “something about a vaccination.”

“I got scared and told her I was a state geologist doing field research and because I was doing so much driving back and forth I had my vaccine on campus. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then the car behind me started honking and she got pissed and waved me on. I was so scared!,” he concludes.

The truck with the green stripe seen in the image is undoubtedly a border patrol car, but a blow up of the picture shows men dressed in military cammo, not the usual single color green uniform of border patrol agents. One of the men on the left hand side of the car in front appears to be carrying a large firearm.

SanDiegocheckpoint2Whether this was just another of the sprawling internal checkpoints that are now popping up all over the country is open to debate, but the fact that vaccines were mentioned indicates that this was potentially another drill in preparation for a mass swine flu outbreak. The addition of mobile trailers and unhappy people being forced to leave their cars and undergo some form of involuntary procedure hints that this could have been something even more ominous.

Free People – Remember that Hardin, MT is near the proposed NAFTA Superhighway.  They seem to be starting there first as a way to secure ground in the heartland of our country for foreign/UN purposes (like bringing in more troops?).  You can search our Martial Law Alerts on the right for more supporting details.  Folks have seen military equipment moving along this corridor for several months.  The only next step is to see more troops out in the open and to increase the frequency of the aircraft and to add Vaccine Checkpoints and arms confiscation.  Will AZ, NM and TX be first?


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