HAARP & NWO Weather Extortion

We have been following HAARP for sometime.  You may want to search our site here for anything related.  There are a number of videos related to it that will lead you to understand how the Elitist “Oligarchs” are ‘shaking’ down countries to force them to turn their economies over the IMF and World Bank.  Should make you think about the various threats they made against the US in March 2008 in the closed door sessions of the Congress.  Remember that series of fires in California from 1800 lightning strikes?  Yes, that was BS.  Remember the earthquake that hit Mexico City in the middle of their Flu Scare last April?  Yes, they did that too so Calderone would turn his economy over to the IMF.  He did and Martial Law was averted and the Flu went away. 

These are the ‘Pirates’ of the Ionosphere and space.  They are ‘nuking’ the moon and creating loads of earthquakes on earth.  There are some other sites to watch as we fill in the dots on this story:


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