Blair as EU President UPDATED!

A Pattern for the UNA?

With only the Czech Republic ratification left to go, the EU is poised to induct Tony Blair their new President.  That is if he can still count on the support of the Germans and the French, according to the London Telegraph. 

The position is regarded, the Telegraph says, “as being potentially more influential than the presidency. This is not just because the latter will be more of a ceremonial than an executive position.  

“The commission has already been hard at work preparing for the day when it can claim to be a sovereign entity in its own right, establishing a network of EU missions around the globe. In some parts of the world, such as Latin America, their staffing levels are greater than those of most European embassies. The representative will also have the authority to negotiate treaties on behalf of the EU, which would give him greater powers than the president to shape its destiny.”

This job description does sound a bit like an Obama-brand of leadership.  But the question remains, if this is the next step for Europe to move closer to a new world government structure, who will be the President of the Union of North America (NAFTA Superhighway is part of that plan and Operation Blackjack tells the story)? 

While most folks here are focused on the 2010 elections, in hopes of replacing some of the supermajority with Constitutionalists, the NWO seems to be working quietly, and even secretively (as evidenced by their new plan to approve the healthcare bill without telling the public), to bring about their global governance agenda.

Putting another layer of government between the American people and the global government will make it far easier for the elites to crack down on US gun ownership with some cover from multiple layers of authority. 

Already our free speech seems to be attacked from outside our borders with foreigners filing charges against several journalists in foreign courts and no support being received by our governmental entities to protect this free speech.

With our ‘American’ corporations already working for the global elites in implementing their Big Brother agendas, their Sustainable Development (aka depopulation) agendas, their HealthScare agendas and their foreign policy agendas, there is no US government left to defend our rights. 

With Obama as President of the UN Security Council, who will step in as US President and then UNA President?  It seems like it will be a good-old-boys club of power and corruption that is sure to burn jet fuel, trillions of dollars all the while devising ways to control every scrap of life’s essential ingredients. 

More layers will only cloud the issues.  And this will happen all without our consent, likely even our knowledge until the swearing-in ceremony. 

What do all these bogus layers of superfluous government provide?  Just more ways to pay off the allegiances of those who have robbed from their own people to pay the elites. 

In the 1960’s, our government was researching the ways to deal with “a peaceful nation,” as if it were a bad thing.  Well, for a national government it is.  Peaceful people would easily dissolve their political boundaries through the economics of business and trade.  What could a national government do to hold onto its power and control, they asked?

An excerpt from “Global Gestalt and Planetary Sovereignty” (written October 1, 2001) explains that answer (though the entire article is even more revealing):

Another little known piece to this multi-dimensional puzzle is something called the “Iron Mountain Report”. (although this report has not been officially proven to actually exist, other than a supposed “leak” by an unidentified participant that was published by Dial Press in 1967, the implications are relevant because of the nature, sophistication, thoroughness and conclusions of the report indicating a high degree of efficient social engineering abilities.There are some among us who believe that the Iron Mt. Report was purposely “leaked” as a test, experiment on the public.) The Iron Mt. Report was begun during the Kennedy administration in order to study the hypothetical problems of a peaceful nation! This ‘think tank’ for peaceful problems, anticipating an end to the Cold War, was made up of highly respected historians, economist, psychologists, sociologists, physicists, industrialists, an astronomer and others. They met secretly in a corporate nuclear hideout at Iron Mountain, Hudson, N.Y. This was an “off-the-books” study, and their report was concluded and submitted in 1966, and it revealed an uninhibited reflection of the ‘problem of peace’, without the normal governmental restraints.

Significantly, the Iron Mt. Report states in part: “The elimination of war implies the inevitable elimination of national sovereignty and the traditional nation-state…the possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power…the basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers…We must first reply, as strongly as we can, that the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until [1] we know exactly what (forms of social control) we plan to put in its place and [2] we are certain, beyond reasonable doubt, that these substitute institutions will serve their purposes…”

Much more has gone on behind closed doors than all of us have even begun to imagine.  When we will quit hitting the snooze button and wake up to the matrix of deception they have created for us and start to deal with the real truth?  Until we can face the truth, we can not hope to break free.


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  1. Although I understand there were pluses and minuses discussed in the ratification debate, I want to congratulate my European friends and say, chins up! It is difficult indeed to get unanimity among so many governments. I think it shows strength in Europe. Now you will get a president. If I haven’t disgusted you sufficiently already, I recommend the following post,

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