Surveillance, Police Abuse & Police State

When we first started this site, we might have days between articles relating to the above topics.  Today we can’t even hope to keep up with the voluminous articles on increased surveillance, the number and craziness of police actions and putting it all together into a Police State.

It is wearying to even read them all much less post them.  Suffice it to say they are overloading the system per the Cloward-Piven Strategy and all of Saul Alinsky’s grand designs. 

Even the G20 was chuck full of events that only Orwell could have predicted so precisely.  Stories like 1200 cops charging at 300 ‘protestors,’ kidnapping of military types, arresting of alternative media folks, tear gas used on innocent bystanders who didn’t listen to a loudspeaker tell them to leave an area for no apparent reason.

It can only be topped by cops who taze a man on his bike, tell him to lie down in front of his car and then drive over him killing him. 

What we have here is a Police State without a clear purpose except for conditioning both the police and the public to despise one another.  Even this isn’t easy for the public to accept.  We haven’t taken to the streets to fight back in kind.  We haven’t beat down our Police Stations or protested outside them. 

Americans just can’t seem to accept that our boys in blue could turn so angry and violent towards them.  It defies reason for a country like ours to imagine anyone thinking every person on the street is a menace rather than a fellow citizen alongside them. 

Please pray for our Police Officers (who used to be ‘peace officers’).  They clearly are under the control and manipulation of an evil regime hell bent on antagonizing the American people.  It makes you wonder why?  Do they desire the bloodfest so much?  Are they truly willing to detain us, imprison us, vaccinate us against our will?

We still can’t accept it.  The average American assumes all of our leaders want the same things we do.  But its clear they don’t.  How much more do you need to see as proof of their animosity towards us? 

Free People don’t need to see any more.  It is here:  the Police State.  End of story.  Don’t wait for loads more articles on the subject.  We will report ONLY on significant changes and issues that have ramifications as to the methods and strategies they are likely to employ everywhere.  And we will provide any specific intelligence that might pertain to any small area in the country. 

Enjoy every day of freedom you still have.  The “closing of the deal” may be near at hand.


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