Cyberspace: The Next Sphere of Power

Today we received 3 varying stories about Cyberspace power and control. 

1) Presidential Powers During Cybersecurity Emergencies,
Eric Sinrod, FindLaw, October 7, 2009

Our nation can be threatened not only by physical attacks on terra firma, but also in Cyberspace. Indeed, Cyber attacks could threaten all sorts of mission critical systems.

For this reason, aides to Senator Jay Rockefeller reportedly have been working recently on a revised draft Senate bill that would give the President broad powers in the event of a Cybersecurity emergency, and that apparently would go so far as allowing the President to temporarily seize control over computer networks in the private sector.

This power is akin to the power President Bush exerted when he grounded commercial aircraft in the wake of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, according to a reported Senate source. More HERE

2) Threat of Next World War May Be In Cyberspace: UN,, Oct 6, 2009

The next world war could take place in cyberspace, the UN telecommunications agency chief warned Tuesday as experts called for action to stamp out cyber attacks.

“The next world war could happen in cyberspace and that would be a catastrophe. We have to make sure that all countries understand that in that war, there is no such thing as a superpower,” Hamadoun Toure said.

“Loss of vital networks would quickly cripple any nation, and none is immune to cyberattack,” added the secretary-general of the International Telecommunications Union during the ITU’s Telecom World 2009 fair in Geneva.  More HERE

3) Hawk’s Alert Message stating that there was a communications glitch very recently within the military communications of the US and UK.  Full message below.  This event happening while the President was visiting is just about the best scenario possible for getting folks to sign on to the need to hand over even more powers to the ‘president’ when their real agenda is finally unraveling.  Heed Hawk’s advice and be ready to go sans Internet and other luxuries in the weeks and months ahead.  To be prepared is to not be scared.


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