Al Jazeera Interviews Jewish Doctor Evidencing Anglo-American H1N1 “PanGenocide”

By Sherri Kane, Release: No. 204-H1N1-36, Oct. 7, 2009, 

For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES–Al Jazeera has broadcast a stunning interview with a respected Jewish doctor, Leonard G. Horowitz, to help explain the suspicious emergence of H1N1 and risky vaccinations that more than half of people polled worldwide are rejecting for fear of harmful side effects the doctor calls “pangenocide.”

Dr. Horowitz indicts leading media moguls with conflicting interests in the drug industry, charges vaccine makers and famous investors with genocide, and urges nations to suspend vaccination programs until an independent Court can examine evidence he and investigative journalist Sherri Kane has amassed potentially saving hundreds of millions of lives.

Host Ahmed Mansour, of “Bela Hodood,” interviewed Dr. Horowitz during the satellite broadcast on Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009, from 7:05-55 pm (GMT). The show typically features famous personalities including presidents and prime ministers, and reaches an audience of 70 million viewers. The mostly Muslim audience learned of Dr. Horowitz unsettling findings that condemns vaccinations as being “genocidal weapons of mass intoxication, pharmaceutical addiction, and population reduction.” More at


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