More Helicopters?

One commenter left this message yesterday.  It may corroborate other folks’ experiences in VA as well.

“I’ve seen lots of helicoptors within the last several months, loud, right near my house, never heard these before. Virginia”

Free People – CA has been seeing dozens of sorties flown across the entire state for months now.  It is true folks are paying more attention now, but in most cases you can’t help but because the noise is louder.  They are often flying at a tactical altitude (tree level) which has never been authorized before.  The number of helicopters available for all these flights, while we have two warfronts ongoing, represents far more than our military has in inventory.  It begs these questions:  Are these black ops helos?  They certainly have the budget.  If so, who is flying them?  Are these foreign helicopters continuing their training flights even after FEMA’s NLE in July?  Some of the observed models are old US models that we don’t fly anymore.  So there is every reason to suspect that they are.  Most are black and that makes it impossible to identify folks inside.  Something is going on.  Something has changed.  And this is what we are here to make folks aware of.  Keep sharing the information around everywhere you can so folks can better make decisions that will positively impact their personal security.  And pray for God’s mercy that their plans will be stopped–whatever they are.


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