Equipment Spotted Near Hardin, MT

A fellow ETF’r (End the Fed) who lives near Hardin, MT has been providing some good research on the American Police Farce and their business antics and connections; 

1) See video below for Russian chemical trucks, others. Desert tan color. Spotted a few weeks ago by several (separately) south of Camp Hardin in WY. Some on the ground playing w/loaded HUMVEES, some on rail heading my way. Where’d they go???  NOTE: This video is from Jul 08, but the same equipment is what these folks spotted just a few weeks ago around Hardin!  But they have disappeared now!!  Maybe an Deep Underground Military Base (DUMBS)? 

2) APF research – What Is American Police Force?

Published on 09-15-2009 Source: ( ) is hosted on the same IP ( as Both sites feature the same logo. Click on the Catalog link on and say ‘hello’ to Edward Angelino.
Other business names associated with him: Allied Defense Systems, Inc. ( and Defense Consulting Group, Inc. There are almost certainly many more. I only spent ten minutes on this.
I looked through a couple of the sites that use the same template and noticed this:
Founded in 1990, ADS and its veteran team have serviced a variety of contracts under extreme conditions in the Middle East. Our projects have ranged from base camp construction operations to supplying world-class military vehicles. In the midst of international tensions, ADS will perform.
Founded in 2004, DPS and its veteran team have serviced a variety of contracts under extreme conditions in the Middle East. Our projects have ranged from base camp construction operations to supplying world-class military vehicles. In the midst of international tensions, DPS will perform.
Searching will bring up more links for anyone who’s interested in unraveling these antics. Oh yeah! Do you have a, “2002 Lamborghini Murcielago tail winng or spoliler”[sic]? You might have a buyer. ( ) Guess who? Yep, that’s right.
There are many addresses, phone and fax numbers associated with all of this. I’m not sure why the Associated Press and others haven’t made these connections, but it’s all available on Google.
Pass this on to authorities before the meeting [maybe local Hardin meeting?].. this is all a BOGUS OPERATION !!!!
I recently went to my county site to get some contact info; it looked to me like the most powerful person-dept. here is already “federal-militarized” (read my add-on below; FEMA-DHS seem to Rule here in my State, along with the federal Eco-Terrorist Agents/Fronts who are trying to steal close to 8M acres from us, not counting Tester’s 1M):
Emergency and General Services  
– Emergency Plans – DES is responsible for writing and updating the following emergency plans per federal and state laws (FEMA and Title 10, Montana Codes)
– Communications – DES coordinates the total emergency communications of emergency responders day to day and in a disaster
– Alerting & Warning – DES maintains a county-wide system of alerting sirens (24) to alert the public of an emergency
– Emergency Operations Center – this is a joint City/County facility located in the basement of the HQ Fire Station where key officials gather to conduct emergency operations
– Exercises – DES conducts and coordinates exercises with all emergency responders (fire, police, EMS, airport, hospitals, etc.) simulating emergencies that could happen in Yellowstone County
– Emergency Declarations and Levies – DES is responsible for preparing disaster resolutions, serves as the County’s authorized agent for FEMA declared disasters (floods – 1978 and 1997), and manages the emergency levy
– Rural Fire Protection Program – the DES Director serves as the County Fire Chief, Fire Warden, and Administrator of the rural fire protection program
– Preparation Tips are available on the web site and in the office
That’s a lot of “authority” packed in those innocent looking words/functions when one looks at our MT-U.S. Code!
ABS Recruiting News: “AlliedBarton has been selected by PaTH, the partnership for Temporary Housing, and FEMA to provide security services in the event of a large scale disaster in the Western United States. AlliedBarton will service the Alpha Sector, which is comprised of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota and as far away as Guam and American Samoa. AlliedBarton is looking for security officers and managers who are interested in and qualify for this project. Each PaTH Response Officers (PRO) must agree to rigorous deployment requirements and pass an intensive Federal background check…” It came out of their CO office, but as we know, they’re main is in PA. Some of us were rather nervous with certain “equipment-machinery” eyeballed and moving along on rails, roads, here and there (still is), and the global military-police “training/drills” all Spring and Summer. So… the MT Tyranny-Buster Team already had this particular federal scam in Hardin figured-out, long before others now staking claim. However, I highly doubt the trail leading to our own central gov’t/military will ever be rightfully exposed, and sadly, I do expect them to weasel back into Hardin under another guise and with our tax/stealth tax dollars. Like I said, the sheeple have now been skillfully diverted to focus on just a few sacrificial pawns, while the clean-up took place a week before the story “broke.” 

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