Response to MT Oath Keeper Regarding Hardin

The Montana Oath Keeper representative made a bold statement with a letter to the County Sheriff of Hardin, MT.  He asked the Sheriff to review the Hardin situation and to uphold the Constitution.  We salute his bravery and his American-style approach to the problem.  However, we would like to add a bit of an intelligence-style assessment regarding Hardin and other county prisons across the country.  It is imperative that we realize what they CAN do in this situation.  Sure, they may NOT do it, but they have ALL the pieces in place since NLE in July and the movement of foreign troops into our country for that exercise.  They haven’t left.  They are stationed in key locations and a smart strategist might realize they are positioned near prisons (rather than FEMA camps) for just the purpose seen at Hardin, MT. 

Dear Elias et al,
All very well stated, for sure.  And always love an Oath Keeper.  Thank you for making this statement and plea on behalf of our Constitution.  However, there are a number of security issues that are being glossed over in all the talk about Hardin.  For one, the citizens of this town likely know the threat that exists with these mercs already in their town.  We should consider them hostages and not able to defend themselves.  That requires a very different strategy than placing more pressure on a Sheriff who has an assassin following him and his family.  You can bet on it.
Hardin is a very small town.  A few well-trained mercs can easily overwhelm, and with prior planning, have prepared for every eventuality leaving no avenue of escape.  They will replace Hilton, but the contracts will not go away.  Hilton may turn up again in your county. 
And while we all focus on Hardin, as all Montanans at least should, how much are we doing to keep this from happening in our towns?  I, for one, have already identified 3 prisons within a 60 mile radius that could be taken over without any trouble, in the very same fashion. 
As we know, these foreign troops have been positioned here.  Rather than coming out in battle or guerilla formation, I believe they are coming out in business suits with money to bribe their way in at gun point.  But the end result is the same.  Except that they can do some PR that confuses the situation with local folks unwittingly, perhaps, misreading the situation as well.  
Most of our small counties are likely going to be seeing more of this in their areas within the next month.  Federal dollars had been given to many counties in the last few years to build prisons for Federal criminals.  They can make more money from federal criminals, is the argument.  However, when the market collapsed, all US government bonds, all real estate mortgages and loans, and all MUNICIPAL bonds were rolled into Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) packages and sold for pennies on the dollar to foreign investors and banks.  They now own these prisons.  And America has been sold if you believe their bogus, fraudulent mounds of paperwork.   
To keep the illusion going with the Americans, so they can more easily ‘close the deal’ in every part of the country, they make it look like its just business.  When in fact, it is repossession and invasion at every turn. 
This war is won by local battles.  We must start to focus all our efforts and attention there before we wake up tomorrow with 100 more Hardins that no one even finds out about.  -Stella
Now, remember that bit about PRE-EMPTIVE DETENTION?  Well, they can read our emails, they have already labeled us ‘terrorists,’ they know many of us have guns and are therefore dangerous so they have all they need to throw us in jail without a reason other than the ones stated here.  Welcome to the U.N.-America.

And following through on his National Security Force to imprison you, you might want to read this article:

HR 675 – Civilian National Security Force – This is Criminal!!  This article talks about the new job descriptions that have been assigned to new DHS positions–prison wardens!!!


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