A Lot More to the Hardin Story

First Pass Look (provided by an End the Fed Patriot): 

I found the Two Rivers Master Plan. Hardin is on the route of a high priority corridor that is part of the International Highway system that includes the Trans-Texas Corridor and the CANAMEX (originally called the NAFTA Superhighway).


The City of Hardin created the Two Rivers Port Authority Public-Private Partnership which indicates to me that they were desirous of being an inland port for the corridor. A good friend in Oklahoma has information on PPP’s. The short course on PPP’s is that they are a vehicle for corruption of public officials.


As mentioned above, the corridors are high tech highways – absurd constructs as our economy is swirling the proverbial toilet bowl. High tech highways means total and complete surveillance and police state technology. Worse than that however, is that COMMUNIST China is involved with the installation and operation of the technology. I don’t know how many of these links are still good, but there is no doubt that the system is going in as indicated.


All of the data collected feeds into a fusion center – which is where FEMA (all emergencies – emergency management) comes in and it’s not just national, it’s an international system.


You’ll notice that the fusion centers are totally high tech – total information awareness.
I suspect that Hardin – the Two Rivers district is designated as a disadvantaged area (aka Enterprize Zone aka HUBZone aka Low Income Area) which is a special designation for the Small Business Administration. Coincidently, I just did a webpage that includes information on the implications of this designation.


Minorities that qualify for SBA loans in a designated disadvantaged area are virtually guaranteed government contracts which is why I suspect you have this shady outfit named American Police Group sniffing around. I sent an email to Becky Shay asking if the APG is an SBA 8(a) company. Since they have so much money behind them – and they just started up in February, I would suspect they are hooked up via the BusinessLINC program.
I didn’t find this – somebody else did but I lost the link to their link (oh well)

Somebody else noted in a blog that the logo for APF is very similar to a company named DPSNA 


Getting back to American Police Force, you’ll notice that in the Two Rivers Master Plan, it mentions lack of higher education in the area and that Montana is planning on building community colleges and voc-tech schools. The economic development zones are tied into the “redesign” of our education system moving to vocational training for “skilled workers” rather than academic education. If APF is an SBA disadvantaged business and they are able to locate in your disadvantaged Two Rivers zone, they could potentially get a contract as a training facility for Hardin high school students for fusion center / paramilitary police training. From what I’ve seen of the SBA businesses like this, the minority owner is just a front for the SBA money funnel for government contracts. But since this whole scam is international, your town will probably be taken over by foreign “students” roughly military age – so I’d say your analysis of this being a forward operating base is spot on.
 From Dec 2008:

They’re here and are coming out of hiding with CEO-Commanders, armed with briefcases instead of duffle bags to sell on the ‘business’ of private policing according to anyone’s command, but ultimately the NWO.

“Adequate transportation connections are critical to successful development of the Hardin Industrial Park. The lands chosen for inclusion in the TIFD are well-connected to motorized and rail transportation services.
Interstate 90 is an east-west interstate highway providing excellent access to the City of Hardin. The City of Billings is located approximately 45 miles to the west of Hardin on I-90. I-90 through Hardin is the designated “Camino Real” trade route connecting Canada, the US and Mexico. This NAFTA trade route is heavily utilized by trucks.”

Corridor 27 is the “Camino Real” Corridor, which runs from El Paso, Texas, north to Sweetgrass, Montana. It begins at the ports of entry in El Paso, Texas, and heads northwest via Interstate 10 to Las Cruces, New Mexico. At Las Cruces, the corridor turns north on Interstate 25 to serve Truth or Consequences, Socorro, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Raton in New Mexico; Trinidad, Walsenburg, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins in Colorado; and Cheyenne, Wheatland, Douglas, Casper, and Buffalo in Wyoming.

At Buffalo, the corridor follows Interstate 90 northwest via Sheridan, Wyoming, to Billings, Montana. In Montana, the corridor will follow Montana 3 from Billings to Lavina, U.S. 12 from Lavina to Harlowton, U.S. 191 from Harlowton to near Moore, and U.S. 87 from near Moore to Great Falls. At Great Falls, the Camino Real corridor will merge with the CANAMEX corridor as they both follow Interstate 15 through Sweetgrass, Montana, into Canada.
The Camino Real Corridor was not an original ISTEA corridor; it was added as part of the NHS High Priority Corridors. This corridor is a NAFTA-related corridor, designed to facilitate trade between the three major North American countries, just like the CANAMEX and Interstate 69 corridors. The primarily purpose of this corridor is to connect Chihuahua (in Mexico) with Denver, Colorado, via El Paso. NHS established a special commission responsible for maximizing use of the corridor and for developing more efficient trade routes.
This is a history of the NAFTA Superhighway. This research was done a couple of years ago when there denials everywhere that there was such a thing as the NAFTA Superhighway. The Trans-Texas Corridor wasn’t the original NAFTA Superhighway – but it became the focal point of the issue of the internationalization of our highways and the federalization of the feeder routes to transporation hubs. Pay particular attention to the high tech nature of the highway system.

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