1694 and 1913, History Repeats

1964, The Synagogue of Satan, 740-1818, By Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The deceptively named, “Bank of England,” is founded. It is deceptively named as it gives the impression it is controlled by the Government of England when in fact it is a private institution founded by Jews. In his book, “The Breakdown of Money,” published in 1934, Christopher Hollis explains the formation of the Bank of England, as follows,

William_III“In 1694 the Government of William III (who had come in from Holland with the Jews) was in sore straits for money. A company of rich men under the leadership of one William Paterson offered to lend William £1,200,000 at 8 per cent on the condition that, ‘the Governor and Company of the Bank of England,’ as they called themselves, should have the right to issue notes to the full extent of its capital. That is to say, the Bank got the right to collect £1,200,000 in gold and silver and to turn it into £2,400,000 (that is, double it), lending £1,200,000, the gold and silver to the Government, and using the other £1,200,000, the banknotes, themselves.

William_Paterson_thPaterson was quite right about it that this privilege which had been given to the Bank was a privilege to make money…In practice they did not keep a cash reserve of nearly two or three hundred thousand pounds. By 1696 (ie. within two years) we find them circulating £1,750,000 worth of notes against a cash reserve of £36,000. That is with a, ‘backing,’ of only about 2 percent of what they issued and drew interest on.”

The names of the Jewish controllers of the Bank of England are never revealed, but it is clear, as early as this year, through their control of the Bank of England, Jews had control over the British Royal family. However, whilst their identity is protected, they may have wished they picked a more discreet front man, after William Paterson states,

“The Bank hath benefit of interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing.”

The fact that Paterson chose to let the cat out of the bag in this manner, may explain why he would go on to die a poor man, outcast by his associates, or maybe this, “shabbez goy,” (a non-Jew who chose to clandestinely represent the interests of Jews), had merely outlived his usefulness to the Jews behind the scenes.

NOTE:  The ‘Jews’ referred to here are not the Biblical bloodline Jews, but rather the Ashkenazi Jews who became Jews in the 740s to avoid being invaded.  These people of Khazaria worshipped idols.  In Part Two: The Black Pope, Interview of Eric Jon Phelps, you will see an amazing presentation of the involvement of the Black Jesuits with the current leaders of Israel that are Ashkenazi Jews.

Free People – The pattern was established in 1694 for 1913 and the beginning of the Federal Reserve.  By 1770, Mayer Amschel Bauer (turned “Rothschilds’) works his way into the inner royal circles of banking and establishes the “Illuminati” along with a real Jew (though he pretends to be Catholic), Adam Weishaupt.  And the rest is a very dark, evil history. 

From Mark Dabney: “As things stand now there remain 5 nations that do not have Rothschild controlled private central banks issuing their currency: Iran, Syria, N. Korea, Libya & Cuba- care to guess what two nations were most recently scratched off the list? Iraq & Afghanistan- hmmmm- what a coincidence-“

So let’s take a quick look at the most horrid accusations hurled @ Iran/Ahmadinjhad:

  • Wipe Israel off the map?
  • Holocaust denier?
  • Drive Israel into the sea?
  • Supporting Hamas? Hezollah? And Finally,
  • Nuclear Ambitions!

First off- Ahmadinijhad is more of a spokesman than a political leader- the real policy decisions are made by the ayatollahs behind the scenes – if anyone would bring real reform- they would simply not allow him on the ballot- in other words- their system is a lot like ours- Barry Soetoro the pretender in chief does not make policy decisions- he just reads the teleprompter and follows orders as to what to sign or not.

“Wipe Israel off the map” according to MUJCA.com/iranrumor.htm the key word to understand in Farsi is “Regima” very much like our word “regime” it refers to the ruling political establishment-not necessarily those in ostensible power.

Once one looks at what Ahmadinijhad actually said he appears reasonable in contrast to how the media portrays him – I only became skeptical of the official account of the holocaust when I saw people were being harassed- vilified even imprisoned for merely raising questions and addressing historical & scientific evidence.  [Type “David Irving” into YouTube] While there is a solid consensus that some kind of holocaust event perpetrated by the Nazis occurred [among many others- such as the holocaust of the Native Americans, the Ukrainians, the Chinese, the Chambodians etc] it is clear that the Zionists both exacerbated & exaggerated the holocaust towards the end of  creating the modern state of Israel.  What Ahmadinijhad actually said- which I paraphrase [not that I have any significant knowledge of Farsi] is “if your account of the holocaust is actually true- why do you oppose investigation?”  I agree with him on this- I have no quarrel with ANY people of the book that adhere to the moral principles including the 10 commandments- the golden rule and I would include the Quran if I had such knowledge.  But it sums up in the premise that we need to be accountable to each other knowing that ultimately we will be accountable to the Creator Himself [I use that as a neutral term to avoid connotative bias]  His chief concern is the use of one holocaust as a pretext for another- anyone that gets around MiniTruth’s misrepresentation of the Palestinians can deny it as a legitimate concern.

Why are the 5 words “IF YOU ATTACK US THEN….” Always edited out regarding the “drive Israel into the sea” comment to make it appear that he was speaking of a first strike rather than a defensive counterattack? Hmmm- I wonder…. 

They say that Iran supports Hamas & Hezbollah- and I ask what if he did?  We have supported a number of covert actions of sordid nature.  The problem is there is no way to consider Hamas nor hezoalla “terrorist without saying the same of IDF & especially Mossad – the Mossad’s motto is “by way of deception thou shalt wage war” and they have been implicated in MANY, MANY flase flag operations – including the Lockerbie bombing.  Challenge the ZioNazi influence – see what it gets you- just ask Jim Trafficant- who was railroaded into club Fed. 

The final allegation is that Iran has a nuclear weapons program has all the credibility of “Al Capone’s Vaults” [remember a supremely embarrassing moment for Geraldo!]  These are the same people that exalted a clearly forged document to show that “Iraq was importing Yellowcake from Niger” when Iraq has its own indigenous ore- are we then supposed to also beLIEve that Iraq was importing aviation gasoline to power its long range drones to deliver its mythical Anthrax that was being grown in hydrogen generating trailers?  These people make it appear that Iran has not been complying with treaty obligations- even when they disclosed the most recent facility and have by no means obstructed the inspectors from access.  Enrichment to reactor grade is Iran’s right- yet they make “enrichment” sound synonymous with “weapons grade” [>90%].  Yet they would persist with fear mongering about “dirty nukes” [see the BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares” to counter the bunk] yet the moral question that needs to be raised is:  what could they do to us that we have not already massively already done to them?  We have expended hundreds of thousands of tons of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq & Afghanistan- causing massive birth defects & cancer both for our troops & the indigenous people.   

God will not be mocked- as one sows so shall one reap – judgment is coming upon this land because too often words like “accountability” and “responsibility” are mere political rhetoric without honest investigation – indictment – prosecution – conviction & punishment [up to including public hangings within the context of due process]  Let no one deceive you with empty words- for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those that are disobedient. Epheisans 5:6


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