ALERT! From Hawk & Greg Everson

Hawk is a former military remote-viewer and has been a host with Steve Quayle for all the months we have been listening.  Greg Everson is a retired State Trooper. 

Both were discussing the coming Martial Law scenario.  They said the plan will go down in less than 3-6 hours from the point that Martial Law for a Pandemic is declared.  Law enforcement will block off cities from the ring roads and everything inside will be in the killzone.  They will shut off all utilities:  power, gas, water, phone lines, cell phones, etc.  No assistance will be provided inside those cities.  And nothing will come out of them. 

Troops commanders will order them to empty the grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations.  Helos will spray tanks will assist the Bio agent and when the ‘burning’ is finally done, it will be a Mad Max scenario.  Gangs inside (such as MS 13) will be given free reign from the government to wreak any havoc they desire.  The people will then lead for the Jackboots to come in and save them.  

Therefore, you need to have 3 alternate routes identified to get out at the first notice of the Pandemic/Martial Law. 

Steve Quayle and Alex Jones agree there will need to be a false flag to likely kick off all of this mayhem.  Today, we hear again from the Major of NY:

Published: October 4, 2009

A network of private and public surveillance cameras, license plate readers and weapons sensors already established in Lower Manhattan as an electronic bulwark against terrorist attacks will soon expand to a large patch of Midtown Manhattan, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Sunday as they announced the allocation of $24 million in Homeland Security grants toward the effort.

Mr. Bloomberg said the expanded monitoring network would cover the areas between 30th and 60th Streets, from the Hudson to the East River.

“We cannot afford to be complacent,” he said, noting that Midtown includes landmarks like Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building and the United Nations.

Like the system downtown, the expanded surveillance network would feed streams of data for analysis to a coordination center at 55 Broadway. Mr. Bloomberg, who made the announcement at the center with Mr. Kelly, said work on the Midtown system would begin next year and be completed in 2011.

Behind the mayor, a 40-foot video wall displayed maps, incoming data from a police precinct and more than a dozen video streams, many of them showing tourists taking photographs on a sunny day.

The plan devised to protect downtown Manhattan, known as the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, was introduced by Mr. Kelly in 2005. That raised concern among civil liberties groups, which have called for more public discussion as the police peer, with greater intensity, at more corners of the city.

Asked Sunday about criticism of the increased surveillance, Mr. Bloomberg said: “We live in a world where we have to have a balance. We can’t just say everybody can go everyplace and do anything they want.”

He added, “Do you really want to work in a building that doesn’t have security?”

Free People – Let’s ask the mayor WHO this security will work FOR?  Certainly not the American people.  We haven’t seen a good example of peace officer, aka law enforcement, behavior in months, perhaps years!!  Now, it would seem that as private security guards in the US outnumber government hired security folks by 5:1, we are increasingly coming under the control of the global bankers who are buying up all the security, aka mercenaries, across the planet.  Recipe for False Flag, Jackboots, AND a return of Nazi Germany everywhere.  Be on guard, folks, the fox is guarding the hen house.


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