RED DAWN in America Soon!

Subject: Martial Law Planned to follow NBC attack?

I ran across the comments made below. I had previously read about the Hardin, MT situation.  Hard to believe. We just have no experience to relate to this kind of thing and most of us believe that it could never happen in America.  We would be foolish to believe that all is well.

I don’t see that there is a thing we can do about this, if it is true.  Those who have prepared, especially with food and water, would have a much better chance to survive this kind of thing.

Those who have not prepared, will sell their souls to get food from the government when they are starving. And accept the chip.  Gary VH

Possible Nuclear or Biological Attack Coming In The Next Several Weeks
I listened to Steve Quayle and Alex Jones in the links below which was on 9-29-09. Steve can give you the details of what is going on in Hardin, Montana. The Two Rivers Jail is a state of the art prison facility that has been sitting for 2 yrs. that cost $27 million dollars to build. It is absolutely huge and has the highest security imaginable. It sits on 16,000 acres of land. I did type this correctly. It is super huge.

He says that the American Police Force is a foreign mercenary group.  He tells you who owns them and everything. We are now under foreign occupation at this point and in the beginning stages of the private military police force that Obama spoke of. He goes on to explain that they are going after Montana and Wyoming first because there are fewer people in those states to resist these beginning steps of the police state that the government wants.

In part 1/6 10 min. 17 sec., he says his intelligence is saying there will be a false flag event that will be nuclear or biological. In part 2/6, 3 min. 59 sec., he further goes on to say this event is going to be generated in the next several weeks. In segment 5/6, he says again a red flag event is coming. Here are the links if you would like to listen.

I remember Dr. Deagle being told some information as well. So, I went back to his lectures and this is what I found. In part 2/16, 5 min. 16 sec., he says that a couple years after 03/01/01, he was told by an FBI Dirctor that there would be a Pearl Harbor event with a 95% probability that will bring about Martial Law. It would then introduce a national ID with an implantable chip. Up on his screen, it said this: “Pearl Harbour Event… a large NE U.S. city that will bring the United States under Martial Law.

Dr. Deagle part 2 of 16
Dr. Deagle part 3 of 16

All I am trying to say is if something happens, it will have been preconceived just like 9/11 and will probably be blamed on terrorists,
China, Russia, Iran or somebody like this. You can already see them
introducing this on such shows as Sean Hannity and others about
terrorists threatening to attack us. For example, Dr. Deagle said the
PATRIOT Act was written 12 to 15 years in advance and that his special
ops buddies were telling him about it 2 years before 9/11 happened.
Congress passed it in approximately 3 days and it was over 1000 pages
long. Many congressmen admitted that they didn’t even read it. He also
says the Act really stands for Providing Advanced Technologies to Receive & Interpret Operational Terrorism. It absolutely has nothing to do with patriotism. This is 2 min. 15 sec. in segment 3. Well, I just wanted to make you aware of this for what it is worth. I would hope you will follow the promptings of the spirit on anything you do.


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