Bread Crumbs to A Police State

A Free People friend, Bones, has created a file with links leading up to a Police State.  It should make it easy for anyone to see the reality around us today.  Download the document: Beyond_Conspiracy_Police_State_America.

Each day that goes by, we have more and more threats before us and more and more ‘patriots’ buying into the controlled opposition of the Fascists.  They are peeling us away rather fast now.  Free People is disturbed to learn that Dr. Edwin Vieira is joining with Bob Schultz, Glenn Beck and Ron Paul to head up the next Constitutional Convention. 

Bob Schultz is just a Washington lobbyist (aka insider) who found more money to be donated through the patriot movement.  But Edwin Vieira is a man of great integrity and this development is surprising.  For those who still believe ANYONE inside Washington is on our side, like Ron Paul, please wake up before it is too late.  And don’t get us started on Glenn Beck.  A few weeks ago we were hopeful, too, but one can hardly cheer the threat of criminal charges against 4 ACORN employees against the impending Swine Flu “Genocide without liability” (as labeled by Dr. Leonard Horowitz).  Covering 5% of the story while ignoring the 95% elephant in the room is hardly being on the side of the people, Glenn.

“You can not eqivocate with fascism.  They will always win, because fascism IS the result of equivocation across the populace.  How do you think they swelled their ranks in the first place???” – Stella


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