The Obama Slave Bracelet

THE OBAMA SLAVE BRACELET – Will ‘O’ Wear It Too?, RumorMail, Sep 29, 2009

Throughout the millenia, the mark of a slave has been having a metal bracelet affixed to the arm.Now we have been reading on various sites on the web about (1) police and military training to set up road blocks to vaccinate and affix a metal bracelet; (2) Cities implementing flu shot tracking by affixing a metal bracelet.

 Police Train to Intern Refuseniks


 Boston Launches Flu Shot Tracking

The gist is, you will get a flu shot AND HAVE A BRACELET AFFIXED to you, or you will be carted off to camps.

In short, it is the OBAMA SLAVE BRACELET (remember, Obama Senior’s tribe in Africa were slave traders).

The question is, will Obama, and his children, wear the Slave Bracelet too, or just us “slaves”? 

Perhaps someone with good computer photo skills can copy a picture of the bracelet (like in that woman soldier’s video) and post it with the title, THE OBAMA SLAVE BRACELET.

Free PeopleWe just wish folks would quit asking if the Usurper/Dictator/Luciferian guy in the White House would even give it a thought that he would associate himself with regular folks.  It is NOT the nature of narcissism, Elitism or Satanism.


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