H1N1 + H5N1 = 60% Lethality

On his radio show of Sep 25th, Steve Quayle says he was contacted by a military member returning from a Defense Show in London who told him they have combined the H1N1 and the H5N1 flu viruses (using unique genetic markers) to achieve a 60% kill rate.  Steve said they have released it in the Middle East (troops, we think) already and we should start to see more results soon.  Steve refers to the navy ship deaths that some sites are now trying to say were a ‘hoax.’ 

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, as a guest on Steve’s show, has mentioned that he has a vaccination ‘religious exemption from blood intoxications’ for folks who don’t want to take the vaccine.  As Free People have already decided this government is illegitimate and should be ignored, we find it difficult to  believe any piece of paper will protect us from this government, but if you think it will help you, please go to fluscam.com for details.  Prayer works best, as Dr. Horowitz mentions as well.


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