Assessment on American Police Farce

Camp Hardin, some local questions and insight:
The following are  questions that concerned locals here in Hardin are asking about this “Private Army” that plans to take over our town.  This is, as far as I know, unprecedented!  It’s like out of a bizarre movie or something!

Wake up Citizens of Hardin.

Who are the “American Private Police Force (Group)?

Why did it and Michael Hilton magically appear seven months ago?
Why did they incorporate in California, when they were planning to operate in Montana?
Why is your elected city government and its child “Two Rivers Authority” hiding the true identity of the people and money behind APPF?
Why is mayoral candidate Kerri Smith telling the citizens of Hardin to be quiet and drink the Koolaid…I mean “Don’t panic, just go with the flow and everything will be fine.”
Why were Greg and Kerri Smith offered jobs with APPF while he was Director of TRA and she was running for mayor?
Why did APPF hire Becky Shays from the Billings Gazette, a reporter, instead of getting a real PR person/firm?
Why do they need a spokesperson?
Why did Becky Shays quit without giving her employer the courtesy of any notice?  Is that good PR?

Facts that are known (if you research):

APPF was formed by a person claiming to be Michael Hilton in California:
Number: C3202431     Date Filed: 3/2/2009     Status: active
Jurisdiction: California
Agent for Service of Process

This is the legal address for the company.  It is a private residence occupied by Jozefa Vidovic, a Serbian national.  He stated to a reporter that Michael Hilton rents a bedroom from them.  Michael Hilton does not have a residence of his own.  He told other reporters that he was from the nation of Montenegro when asked about his accent and that the APPF logo was his family crest.  The logo is taken from the coat of arms of the nation of Serbia.

The company website is served by a leased server from to Purepoint Media, Inc, a Nevada corporation that is in default,and not register in California, where is operates.  Purepoint Media is owned by Steve Mortensen and Paul Novak.  They also serve, which is owned by John (Jan) Vanhara, a Czech national.  John Vanhara also runs several small web businesses and is a Nevada commercial register agent and incorporator.  The website is an exact mirror of, which is mirror of  ADS is owned by Edward (Emad) Angelino, a Kuwati national.  All these websites claim to be private military suppliers including military weapons, ie AK47 assault rifles.

How do all these tie into APPF?  All four website use similar or exact html and/or flash coding on their web pages and exact text on similar web pages.  Edward Angelino is connected to all four by web pages, a Godaddy server, or direct contact with APPF/Michael Hilton directly in providing products/services.  That is too much of coincidence.

The was created in May.

The uniform Michael Hilton was wearing is a LAPD uniform with APPF patches on the arms.  These uniform and accessories can be purchased at any uniform shop in Los Angeles.

The Mercedes SUVs were bought by a group called American Police Academy, which doesn’t legally exist for about $40,000 apiece.


Michael Hilton is not his real name.  It appears that he is a Serbian national.  Hilton is an English name not Serbian.  He is an actor of some kind, amateur or professional, who filling a role for the real people behind this.  He is going to be here for a month or two and go back to California and disappear from the scene just as he magically appeared to the world in February or March of this year.  Whatever he is,he is not former military unless he was a private.  I did see one of their group, who is an operator(former or current special forces), whether private or government.


Due to the secrecy by TRA and Michael Hilton, one can only come to three possible conclusions:

1.  This is a scam and the jail along with the Mercedes SUVs and APPF uniform are being used as props.  Not likely, but an interesting theory.

2.  The group behind this is an off the books Federal govt. agency, which is possible since they admit that they are going to lose money on the detention center (Since govt. is good at losing money).
3.  The most likely scenario…This is a private military contractor, like Xe (formerly Blackwater), Dyncorp, KBR or a wannabee.  Who if it was known before hand who it was, it would cause such an uproar locally and/or nationally that the deal would fall through.  Why would a private military contractor need a prison?  Who would have oversight on who they incarcerated?  With their planned purchase a 5,000 to 10,000 acre tract of land for “tactical military training” they will have a private airfield in which to move prisoners in and out of the detention center without oversight.  What legal rights will they have?  Will anybody know who they are?  Where are they coming from?

Citizens of Hardin, you have until October 5th, when the contract will be signed to ACT.  When an elected government and its entities are hiding essential information from its constituents, it is not good. When you are told to ‘drink koolaid’, you should really be suspicious.  Something stinks in ‘River City”.  Demand answers from your officials, camp in front of city hall, in front of their houses.  Demand the truth and transparency or you may have to live with the consequences for 10 years or more.

Time for Pitchforks and Torches? Tarey Mayn, State of Montana


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