The Elites Are At War!!

The Elites are at War!!,, Sep 23, 2009

In a shocking development with major geopolitical implications, former National Security Advisor and current man on point for the Western Imperialists Zbignew Brzezinski has publicly stated that the United States Air Force will confront any Israeli fighter jets flying over Iraq if Israel attempts to attack Iran.

“We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch? We have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.”

“Liberty in reverse” he said. Wow, that is an incredible thing for Brzezinski to say. Israel in 1967 attacked the USS Liberty and claimed it was an “accident”. Pay close attention to how the Israeli media responds to this particular statement from Brzezinski. They say how all of the “commissions” found it was accidental or mistaken identity.

Brzezinski returned to the Imperialist forefront after the Establishment fully realized that the program of the Neoconservative strategists was so disastrous. This is why the NIE in 2007 reported that Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program, a direct result of Brzezinski’s influence.

Note Medvedev’s recent appearance on CNN where he claims Shimon Peres told him that Israel has no plans to attack Iran. That is psychological warfare being waged against the Neoconservative faction at Brzezinski’s behest. Brzezinski is saying in no uncertain terms “we are in charge and you are doomed without our help if you attack Iran” to the Neocon faction. What has Putin been told or promised, I wonder? What kind of deal was made? Is it true that Netanyahu was physically removed from Putin’s presence during their recent meeting?

Now, the NIE has just recently again issued a report that reaffirms it’s 2007 findings, right? Why is this? This is because the Neoconservative faction is exercising all of it’s might to compel a US-led attack upon Iran as Israel cannot even dream of touching Iran on it’s own. Look closely at what is floating down the Propaganda Sewage Canals lately. Do you see how one the one hand there is an “Iran must be bombed right away” element while on the other hand there is an “Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program” element? Recently the “bomb Iran” propaganda has had a distinct “Israel will have to go it alone if the US doesn’t do something” quality to it. Why is this? This is Neoconservative psychological warfare being waged against the Brzezinski-led Trilateralist faction. But Zbig knows the deal and has gone so far as to say “we would put a stop it” and how about THAT?!!


There is great panic and ever-growing fear among the Elites. They hate and fear us. Note Nancy Pelosi’s recent expressed concern for “potential violence” right? How about the real violence in all of these wars Nancy? Does that bring tears to your eyes? The though of it?

The sight of The Angry Citizen Pitchforks and Torches Brigade, the Internet Community and the 9/11 Truth Movement is causing mad Elitist panic. Think about Obama now saying that the corporate media needs it’s own “bailout” right? He supports that. Great. Listen to these recent pronouncements within the corporate media, disparaging bloggers and real journalism. Pick up on that.

The current “dupe the public with the Messiah-figure” program is tanking rapidly, also. Obama’s administration and popularity are crashing to the ground as though they were World Trade Center buildings or something; free-fall speed, no resistance and you get the idea. Look at the health-care proposal. The government does hearby order you to surrender a portion of your income to a corporate cartel of insurance companies under a penalty of $3,800 if you refuse. Straight Fascism. Those insurance companies are no different than the Wall St Usurer Community and they are just as bankrupt.

But we have this stunning development now. Israel has been publicly flogged by the US and it is marvelous, right? Ah, but lets not get too excited. Brzezinski’s program is to destroy the Russia-China-Iran-Caspian States alliance personified by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Let’s hope Brzezinski understands the very, very weak position of the US here and thinks to himself “maybe we should just start dealing fairly with others and treat them like the human beings that they are”.

Give it some thought Zbig. The pitchforks are out in force.

Free People – This is an interesting slant, though may be a bit too optimistic that the elites will go for one another’s jugular.  Perhaps, Paul Eidelberg’s take on The Brzezinski/Obama Axis provides more insight into the difference between the ‘relativists’ and the neocons.  It would explain why Obama has been pushing so hard to overturn everything Bush did and to personally try to bring him to trial a number of times.  It does seem the Israel/Iran issue brings out the stark difference in opinions these two groups have.  How it will play out is really hard to determine.  We know there is one level of disclosure/deception in the media and another behind the scenes.  The most important thing to remember is that for the elites it is all about power and as they jockey for position among themselves, they are making us their cannon fodder.  It is time the people see through the deception, know that we are the VAST MAJORITY and the thing that cares the elites the most is the idea of losing power.  Only the people can deprive them of their lofty goals.  It is a mission that morality demands.


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