TX Militia Training & Muster – Oct 17th!!

Free People Action Statement #7 – Join the Militia because you are a member already whether you know it or not!

The Texas Militia is training the weekend of October 17th, 2009 at Camp Murphy (a private ranch near College Station, Texas) with the 1st Texas Airsoft Training Command. The training is free of charge. It is family oriented and a lot of our militiamen bring their wives with them. We will have rifle live fire and pistol live fire Saturday morning at the private rifle and pistol range. You may arrive any time Friday night October 16th after 7pm or you may arrive Saturday morning October 17th by 10am. It will end by 2pm Sunday October 18th. We will have training ops both daytime and nighttime. We will also have class room type training so bring a note book and a pencil too. Bring your rifle, handgun, ammo, paper targets, a full combat load, web gear, camelback or canteen, camping gear, folding chair, what you want to eat, drinking water, and also bring your Airsoft rifle if you have one (for our force on force light infantry warfare training). Wear camo BDUs (or hunting camo if you don’t have BDUs), lace up jungle boots, combat boots or hunting boots. Bring a flashlight, a poncho, and a tent in case of rain. (If you don’t have it all, bring what you can and collect what you don’t have over time). Our force on force light infantry warfare training with Airsoft will be conducted as combat simulations not as Airsoft games. All militia units and fire teams attending field training exercises are to maintain their unit control and command structure and may participate as a team against the other team or teams in our force on force combat simulations. For more information see our web page at http://texasmilitia.info/and follow the links there too. We will have small unit light infantry warfare training. We will practice ambushes, counter-ambushes, and patrolling. Saturday night we will have a big force on force night op. We will be using Airsoft rifles for the light infantry small unit warfare force on force training. If you do not have an Airsoft rifle we have some we can loan out but bring an Airsoft rifle if you have one. Bring your own safety glasses, shooting glasses, or Airsoft goggles. They are mandatory for our Airsoft combat simulations. Safety or shooting glasses are also required for our live fire. Most men who own rifles are already proficient with them. What you can learn training with us is how to fight as a team and how to train a local defense group to fight as a team. Our goal is to increase combat readiness and to increase participation in all Texas Militia units. Units start with just a three man fire team. This is why you should train with the us; if a group of 12 hunters with no infantry or militia experience fought against an equally equipped 12 man invading foreign military long range reconnaissance patrol the group of hunters would be wiped out 9 times out of 10 because the hunters do not know the art of fire and maneuver and the hunters would not know how to coordinate their efforts to fight as a team. If World War III starts or if FEMA’s priority Red List arrests start and communication and transportation goes down you might not be able to link up with your existing team but you can quickly train patriots you meet if you have learned how to fight as a team from our training. Everyone needs to bring at least one large trash bag and help keep all trash picked up. We must not leave any mess or trash for the land owner/host and we must not throw cigarette butts on the ground. No drugs and no illegal weapons will be allowed. IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS INTERESTED IN TRAINING YOU MAY BRING THEM WITH YOU. If you will be attending along with the directions we will give you a cell phone number you can call that weekend only if you have any trouble finding our training exercise or if you would rather meet us in town and then follow us out. If you want to be added to our Texas Militia training exercise notification list for future training exercises send an e-mail to: warrior_class@logonisp.com IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS INTERESTED IN TRAINING YOU MAY BRING THEM WITH YOU. If you will be attending RSVP so we will know how many participants to plan for. Feel free to repost this message to your yahoo groups, my space page, and forward it to your e-mail list. If you have any questions send us an e-mail to warrior_class@logonisp.com If you will be attending send an e-mail to: warrior_class@logonisp.com telling us a little about yourself (such as any previous militia, military, or law enforcement experience), tell us where in Texas you are from, and we will send you maps and directions to the training exercise.


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