Swine Flu and the Bible Code

We have seen the Swine Flu Vaccine numbered with 666 and we can see the machinations of evil behind the entire intent to harm.  Starting with the plan to experiment with, control and manipulate mankinds’ good nature, the titans of fascism moved business, science and finance into a web of deceit to ensnare the masses and eradicate their good nature.  When one looks at the findings on Swine Flu and the Bible Code HERE, one can see that this ‘vapor’ has likely occurred numerous times on our planet. 

As Kenneth Copeland has said on his TV Show, “God’s people in faith can receive a ‘passover’ from its dangers.”  Whether you are coming at the current events from a secular perspective (perhaps expressed through the commitment to an ‘oath’ or a moral code) or a spiritual one (expressed through a convenant with God), there is only one way to defeat the senseless evil that is arising around us today:  to take a stand without fear knowing that ‘right’ must be upheld.  It is in this ‘stand’ that the miracle of compassion can overwhelm the darkness of evil.

It is not whether you will take a stand, it is simply a matter now of when.  Events are necessitating our noble nature to surface and conquer the base nature of mankind.  Tolerance of evil can not exist today!!  It must be eradicated through moral people who stand in truth of the life spark in each of us.

Invite that spark into your heart and share it with others.  We must all stand in large numbers against it very soon, being willing to risk all for a world worth living in.  And in that stand, our collective consciousness will shift to the light.


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