Healthcare Oath Keepers

Mandatory Flu Vaccination Riles Healthcare Workers – They’ll March, Reported by Jane Flasch, Sep 24, 2009

(New York / New Jersey) – New York is requiring some health care workers to get  a seasonal flu shot now and the H1N1 shot later- -or lose their jobs. But now, a lawsuit filed in new Jersey may help workers in Rochester.

A lawsuit filed in New Jersey calls the mandatory flu shot unconstitutional, but so far a federal judge has denied an injunction which would halt forced vaccinations in any state while the case moves forward.

“It makes me feel very vulnerable,” said one nurse. “It makes me feel like I’m a guinea pig.”
This nurse is like many who are concerned that speaking out will cost her her job.

She has voluntarily taken a flu shot most years, but is concerned that safety has been compromised in the rush to get a workable  H1H1 vaccine.

She said, “There are a lot of ingredients that aren’t safe.  Mercury, formaldehyde, anti freeze…I don’t agree with any of those things…and if they say it’s safe, then why are the drug companies immune from any lawsuits related to it?”

The New York State Nurses Association testified at state hearings against taking away choice, but the organization has no problems with the safety of the vaccine.

“We’re trying to educate out members about the benefits of being vaccinated,” said Renee Gecsedi of the Association. “We are trying to increase the volunteer rate.”

This woman plans to join other health care workers at a march on Albany next Tuesday in a protest even organizers admit may not make any difference.

Free People – To stop Fascism’s Tyranny, we must be willing to put everything on the line for the sake of what is right.  In other words, be can NOT be afraid to lose our jobs, our lives, our fortunes and we MUST be willing to honor what is right and good no matter the cost.  If some of us do this early on, we will be sparing others from a more despicable fate.


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