Just Say “No” If You Are a Congressman

Utah Congressman Refuses Body Scan at Airport, KSL Septmeber 25, 2009 SALT LAKE CITY — SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s freshman congressman on Thursday defended a run-in with security at Salt Lake International Airport. Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz admitted he got frustrated and even used an obscenity, but he thinks airport security was out of line, not him. It all revolves around a machine that checks for concealed bombs or weapons under a passenger’s clothes. Passengers who don’t want their whole body scanned can bypass the machine and go through a metal detector and full-body pat down instead. But 99.6 percent willingly get scanned. “The security is good, and it’s for my protection. I feel that way about it, and so I don’t mind it at all,” said frequent flyer Dick Crossett. Statistics show less than 1 in 200 try to avoid the revealing scans. “I believe it’s invasive, and I think there are other methods we could use. So, it’s not a line I choose to go through,” a flight attended named Monica told KSL News.


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