Regarding Our Alerts!

We post things that can not be definitively confirmed by and of themselves, but if you tune in here everyday, you will see the pattern emerges from totally unrelated sources stating similar things.

Fascists and criminals don’t hand you their plan on a silver platter.  Intelligence analysts do what we are doing here:  painting a picture you can begin to build plans on.  More info is better than less.  Everyone holds a piece of the puzzle.  We encourage everyone who sees, hears, experiences, observes, confirms to post their info here so we all have the advantage of more ‘resolution’ in our assessments.  Without a doubt, as history has shown, our soldiers will be forced to receive the deadly Swine Flu vaccine.  The homeless test subjects in Poland almost all died from the vaccine.  The mice in Czechslovakia all died in March and their government then sent their vaccines to a Canadian lab for testing.  The Canadian lab confirmed it was NOT a vaccine, but the FLU VIRUS with a 3-month delay nano-technology solution to kill folks later!!!!! 

We will not lay out all the bread crumbs for you each day.  Keep up with the news so our alerts are immediately understood as to the significance so you can respond accordingly.


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