Military as Pin Cushion Guinea Pigs

A Brief Chat with a Member of Armed Forces, steve68,, September 20, 2009

A Brief Chat with a Member of Armed Forces steve68 September 20, 2009 I was fortunate enough to enjoy a few moments of Freedom today. I spent it with family members, one of whom is going to be re-deployed to Afghanistan soon. While we have some differences, I spoke with him at great length about what is going on here. I told him about the situation with the farmers in San Joquin Valley, I told him about small business being ravaged by the endless corruption in the nation’s capitol. I told him about the worries that many of us have regarding the erosion of the Constitution. I also explained my view of the New World Order, and the False Flag Ops on 9/11.

Now for his side of the story. The U.S. Armed Forces has forced swine flu virus immunizations for all personnel, 4 shots total. The first injection he said “burned down my arm like a mother****** for thirty minutes.” He complained of limited digit movement, and arm pain. “But I can’t do anything, I gotta go with the flow, that’s my job.” He also stated that before being put on leave, he and fellow troops were forbidden to participate in any demonstrations, tea parties, or opposition to the administration’s plans. Hmm, sworn to serve and protect the Constitution, yet you have no 1st amendment rights?? They were also threatened with penalties if they were attacked on the streets of the U.S., they were told that they could not fight back. The last insult was that U.S. Armed forces are stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights to carry their personal weapons on leave or on any military bases.

The only encouraging thing he said was about martial law and forced vaccinations. “If they plan on hurting our families, we’re gonna be forced to quit, there’s no other choice.” I hope his other friends feel the same way.

Free People – Pray for our troops.  The people must organize so we can give these soldiers our protection and comfort from retaliation if the government forces them to be murdered via the Vax.


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