Drill Alert – KY, IN

Marines to Conduct “Urban Exercises” in Kentucky, Indiana, Urban exercises in advance of deployment, Kentucky News Network, September 24, 2009

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Marines are landing in our backyard.

2,300 Marines are converging on this region for two weeks of intensive training in preparation for an upcoming deployment.  Part of the training involves exercises in small cities in Kentucky and southern Indiana. Simulated missions will take place in Frankfort late next week.  Beginning today, you may see Marine aircraft in the skies. They include the Cobra and Chinook helicopters and Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.

The Marines, from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, will base their training at Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana.

Free People – (Hat tip – SCMLA) Please remember our troops are NOT the ones calling for unConstitutional acts.  These orders are coming from the PTB.  We should show them kindness and consideration and not compromise them by giving them a hard time when you see them out and about (so they can avoid scrutiny).  We will want them on our side soon enough!  The importance of our Drill Alerts is that the PTB can turn them into live “false flags” of ‘terrorist attacks’ and our troops will be told to ‘stand down’ while they do this.


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