When Will We Learn Your Gold Certs Are FIAT Too!

The Rothschilds control the gold market, surprise, surprise.  George Soros is their frontman.  So your Gold Cert are just the same as your FRN BEFORE the collapse last Sep.  They are baiting people into this market so they can make boatloads of money this way, too.

They have used the same gold pool to establish the ‘gold standard’ in various countries–unbelieveable Ponzi Scheme.

Unless you have the gold in your pocket, you will NEVER have the gold!!  They need it to give back to the countries asking for their own gold. 

A time-based currency does several important things:

  • Allows us to break free from all of this corruption and control
  • Allows us to start from scratch and keep our counties functioning
  • Provides for EVERYONE to stay financially solvent and not just those with FIAT FRNs
  • Is easy to set up, maintain and control
  • Does NOT preclude other currencies from being available in the market–any currency BUT the FRN
  • Allows us to reverse the negative effects of capitalism and usury combined in a global market

 What is NOT to love?  Example HERE  How To HERE

Free People should consider starting a local currency board that will FREE us of the Federal Government monetary corruption.  If we could get each County to start a currency in the next month, we would show folks how to be FREE again.  And send a very strong message to the world on how to resist the Powers That Be.


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