Usurper Court Cases and Free People

There is news again that the various court cases filed regarding Obama’s eligibility are gaining steam again and even hitting pay dirt. 

Judge Royce Lamberth Grants Permission to Prosecute Soetoro-Obama on Criminal Charges of Fraud and Treason–Just Not in Lamberth’s Court!

Pending Litigation:  Hawaii Confirms that Obama’s Vital Records Have Been Amended

Complimentary efforts between those with the Citizen Grand Juries, Court Cases and Free People combined together, make for ‘Assymetrical Warfare’ according to the Jaghunter, Ret. Commander Fitzpatrick. 

While there is no real evidence that our courts are in the peoples’ corner these days, Free People concedes that the bulk of the effort expended in these court cases is beneficial to demonstrating Washington’s corruption to the masses and global watchers more so than to resolving anything legally. 

However, while these efforts are going on in the courts and with the Grand Juries, Free People should be making a difference in their towns and counties.  It is important that we not lose sight of our local security by losing ourselves in the enmeshed drama of Washington. 

Free People have all the evidence they need that it is time to leave this administration, this federal government and the Washington Beltway behind.  Once people have made the paradigm shift to become FREE of Washington, we can begin to rebuild a Republic from the ground up and free of the poison endemic in Washington.

The question remains, if these Patriot cases prevail in court and Obama is proven to be a Usurper, what is the next step to restoring some semblance of a Constitutional Republic when so many Executive Orders, so many bills, so many policies and so much money has created a set of laws it is impossible to uphold or correct from?  Free People maintain that it is best to untangle ourselves and start over.

Good luck to all of you.  We can use your energy doing things that will make a difference NOW:  establish local currencies, establish Constitutional peacekeeping in our communities and counties, and restore a tax base that collects the money in the counties before sending to any other level of government without first ensuring their Constitutional compliance.

It is important we don’t fall into the trap of winning the court cases while losing our liberties at the same time.


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