The Sheriff and The Shot

Constitutionally, it is true that your County Sheriff can stop the mandatory vaccine mandate for your County.  Practically, Free People can see that the Sheriff’s Depts are being co-opted by the Federal Reserve via paying overtime to their officers, offering free training in paramilitary operations (to include SWAT teams), the provision of exotic and crowd control equipment, and FUSION Centers where all intelligence will be gathered and analyzed by each level of law enforcements (read aka Federal government spoon-feeding info they want them to have). 

So, what are the chances your local Sheriff is going to step up to the plate?  Free People know that unless we completely assert our independence from the Federal ‘beast,’ we will NOT provide our Sheriff the protection he needs within the county in order to make that stand.  

It might be more expedient to ensure a heavy presence of Free People (non-violent but a circle-the-wagons or more accurately, like the Indians circled the entire valley from their mountain ridges) around a vaccine checkpoint with a call to the Sheriff at that point.  This will force the Sheriff’s hand while protecting him from blowback from the Feds when he does not have your presence to support him.  Something to think about.  You might want to set up a phone chain and rapid response for the first sign of any forced vaccine checkpoint. 


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