Water, Water Everywhere & Nothing Left to Drink

City Council members demand answers, solutions to L.A. water main failures, LATimes.com, September 19, 2009

Some L.A. City Council members are pressing the Department of Water and Power to quickly develop solutions amid a rash of major water main failures across the city.

Since Sept. 1, there have been 34 “major blowouts” in L.A.’s water system in which streets have flooded and pavement has buckled.  More HERE plus enlarged map of breaks.

Plus:  Water Wars: Your Food Supply Is Threatened
Cassandra Anderson, Infowars.com, September 21, 2009

smeltCongress Caused Drought – The Congressional decision to ‘protect’ the Delta smelt minnow, in which they justified the federally imposed drought, under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a federal law, infringes on the Constitution’s 10th Amendment.

Are you aware that your food supply is threatened? The Central Valley, a 500 mile stretch of land, dominating the central portion of California, providing over 50% of America’s vegetables, fruits and nuts, has had its water source cut back by up to 90% in farming areas.  More HERE


One Response to “Water, Water Everywhere & Nothing Left to Drink”

  1. The counterintuitive idea that one may drill into solid rock to get clean artesian juvenile water that is true, non the less must be done as outlined and proven by Michael A. Salzman in his 1960 book “New Water for a Thirsty World”.

    The Treatise is a must read for anyone attempting to solve the vexing problem the Jesuits have crreated with their business associates in the Knights of Malta now driven by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the treasonous BHO usurper working with the highest levels of the treasonous progressives like McCain in the Republican Party.

    It is up to those courageous enough to drill into solid rock in order to hit a fracture at say 900 feet where the juvenile water is.

    I have a Federal case on the related matter in DCD 10-cv-00066 (RJL)

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