Martial Law Alert – Posse Comitatus Ignored

Newport, KY – More Evidence of Troops on Streets:  WeAreChange Ohio Investigates,, Sep 22, 2009

WeAreChange Ohio traveled to Newport, Kentucky to investigate the military checkpoints that appeared around the downtown area on September 6, 2009. Officially, this was done for traffic control purposes during the annual Riverfest celebration that is held on both sides of the Ohio River.

Military Police from the U.S. Army National Guard performed a series of tasks throughout the day, which included aiding the local police to close bridges across the river, and to reverse traffic along Monmouth Street in Newport.

Two Military Police officers were located at each corner of Monmouth from the Ohio River to 11th Street, while two Humvees were strategically placed to block traffic onto the Taylor-Southgate Bridge. One of the National Guard members indicated that there were also Marines in the area. 

WeAreChange Ohio spoke with a thirty-year veteran of the Newport Police Department, who wished to remain anonymous. He stated that the local municipalities were desperately strapped for funds and that the city had been cutting back his division at the department.

While he welcomed the help from the National Guard, he recognized that funding was being systematically shifted away from local governments in favor of Washington.  More HERE

The Federal Government created this CRISIS of budget constraints for local police and so we have Federal assistance.  What a way to make it an advantage for the Federal Gov.  Have you seen any troops on your streets?  Keep an eye and let us know–with or without video.  More Martial Law Alerts HERE


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