Martial Law Alert – ADS, Crowd Control

Is Military Deploying ADS Weapons in U.S.?,
September 22, 2009

adsemp1An Infowars reader sent the following photos of what appears to be a portable EMP weapon. The reader said he spotted a semi-truck carrying “military looking weapons” in Montana. “They were headed West towards Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and/or Spokane or Seattle, Washington,” he writes.

Portable EMP weapons are not science fiction. However, the device is probably not an EMP weapon, as the lettering on the rear of the device seems to indicate — rather, the lettering is a logo for EMP, short for Engineered Machined Products, Inc. EMP manufactures and develops a variety of products primarily for the diesel engine and automotive vehicle markets, according to its website.

More likely, this is an Active Denial System (ADS) developed by the military for crowd control. Is it possible the military is deploying this device in preparation for things to come?  More Info HERE


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